What may very well be the entire army of angels.
What may very well be the entire army of angels.

The war begins and humanity is nearly massacred. Thus leading Charoice to bring out the device he likely stole from the gods for a counterattack.

Preparations: Gabriel, Lady Sofiel, El

Gabriel calls attention to all the angels who are soldiers and reminds them why they are going to battle. Something Lady Sofiel is still a bit hesitant about, especially due to El’s involvement, but Gabriel wants retribution.


The angelic army descends.
The angelic army descends.

First, let me side eye the fact all the warrior angels are brown/dark skinned men who are commanded by fair skinned women. Something that solely bothers me for personal issues. That aside, I must admit I was kind of surprised with how massive the angel army was. Not because I thought they were mostly wiped out, but because they look nothing like what we saw during the fight against Bahamut. Which leads me to wonder, where were these angels then?

But perhaps what has me scratching my head the most is the need for such a number. Especially since, to me, all Gabriel had to do was kill Charoice. Is he not the one who convinced mankind to lose faith? Why do what we see below?

An Utter Massacre: Charoice, Gabriel

Charoice noting the gods arrival.

With the power of El, the Onyx Knights lose everything which once made them formidable. Due to that, Charoice suffers heavy losses. In fact, the whole battle is an outright massacre. One which is quite embarrassing to watch. Hence why Charoice calls on the device. Something which he thinks can turn the tides.


A solder killed by angels.

Charoice isn’t stupid. So, with that in mind, I’m very confused as to why the device wasn’t called upon earlier. He knows El nullifies his Onyx Knights. It is established that without those knights, Charoice has nothing but a bunch of men in armor and a handful of dragons. Of which I wonder, could those be the men of Nina’s village?

For that is one of the things I found myself thinking about: Where are all these dragons coming from? Much less, when it comes to the people, where would refugees go? From what we were told, and based off the way Nina spoke in earlier episodes, only the capital really recovered. Everywhere else, since they didn’t have free demon labor, was still recovering. So with the way fire is raining on the capital, what does that mean for mankind?

Granted, demons still exist. In fact, Charoice even has some as soldiers, but it does seem like their numbers are dwindling doesn’t it? At least for the ones which actually have some muscle and brains.

A Reunion With Old Friends: Nina, Rita, Kaisar, Favaro, Jeanne

Rita, Nina, Kaisar, Favaro, and Jeanne reunited.

Thanks to Rita, everyone escapes. She broke out the women in the last episode and setup Kaisar’s iron hand to explode once a spell was spoken. Leading to everyone meeting before Charoice’s creation swallows the underground prison. Thus taking everyone to the surface.


The device that Charoice has been talking about and was noted in the last episode.
The device that Charoice has been talking about and was noted in the last episode.

Few questions: How come all the prison guards are women, yet all the soldiers, but Jeanne I believe, have been men? Human soldiers that is. Alongside that, I can’t be the only one who questions why these people were in this prison right? None of them seemed capable of more than petty theft. Lastly, being that the device expanded as it did, is it safe to assume everyone in the prison is either dead or trapped? I mean, taking note of their technology, that isn’t used for battle, you’d think the caves would collapse as that thing expanded.

But perhaps what really needs to be asked is, besides how Charoice plans to use the device, what does all this mean for our heroes? Unless something suddenly changes, we still have 12 more episodes. So what can they fill that with if we have reached the high point? Stayed tuned to find out.

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