Rent A Girlfriend: Season 2/ Episode 4 “Night and Girlfriend” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Ruka makes a move on Kazuya on a night when a typhoon hits, and she can’t go home.

Aired (Crunchyroll) 7/22/2022
Director(s) Fumio Maezono
Writer(s) Rie Uehara

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


While Mami continues to stew, knowing Chizuru and Kazuya are still a thing and that Kazuya refuses to tell the truth about it, Ruka remains unphased. She plans out an entire meal for Kazuya on a night a Typhoon 5 is supposed to hit and forces a sleepover. One that she not only had a food recipe for but condoms, nice underwear, the works.

Sadly, while Kazuya is turned on by all of this, because he doesn’t love Ruka, he can’t bring himself to be what she desires, a full-on, loving, having sex boyfriend. Which he explains to her, alongside easing her insecurities about their non-romantic relationship.

But, even with him explaining and it seeming she understood, she makes sure to yell the next morning so Chizuru, and the whole neighborhood, could hear that she spent the night, and it was magical.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Kazuya going to use Ruka as cover if Mami investigates whose bag was at his home?
  2. Isn’t Japan a conservative society? Shouldn’t Ruka be worried about her reputation and not putting it out there that she slept at a man’s house and making it sound like they were sexual?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Sumi returns and tries to make her mark on Kazuya’s heart



Chizuru Who?

Ruka giddy that Kazuya likes having her around, even if he says he doesn't love her
“Ruka giddy that Kazuya likes having her around, even if he says he doesn’t love her,” Rent A Girlfriend, “Night and Girlfriend,” directed by Fumio Maezono, 2022, (Crunchyroll)

How and why are we supposed to root for Chizuru and Kazuya after an episode like this? Chizuru is hot and cold, and while she does have a sob story, it seems damn near all these girls do? And of the girls Kazuya has met, Ruka is the only one who has the ability to communicate she wants him entirely and is willing to show it in every which way possible.

She cooks for him, gives him a title, wants to spend time with him doing simple things like watching a movie, nothing fancy or expensive, and she shows how comfortable she is with him. Don’t get me wrong, her age was and still appears to be an issue. But at this point, how can you ship anyone else?

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Ruka trying to cuddle up with Kazuya, as he tries to not give into temptation
Rent A Girlfriend: Season 2/ Episode 4 “Night and Girlfriend” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While there is enough ecchi to make you need a moment like Kazuya, it doesn't erase the heart Ruka exposes to him, which makes you wonder what kind of spell does Chizuru have on him?
Chizuru Who?

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