Re:Creators: Season 1/ Episode 11 “We cannot decide where we go but you can” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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After dancing around, if not outright avoiding the topic, Sota finally goes into his part in Shimazaki’s death.

The Aftermath: Selesia, Meteora, Matsubara, Sota, Kanoya

Thanks to their healing abilities, from Meteora to even Selesia, everyone survived that fight. Some, like Mirokuji, may have lost their dignity, but pretty much it seems no real loss was given. But, even while everyone lived through the fight, Sota’s heart weighs heavy. This bothers Kanoya a little bit so he decides to spend some one on one time with Sota. You know, try to put life in perspective.

Leading to Kanoya trying to explain that as gods, they aren’t trapped into a storyline like him and the rest. He, Sota, has an unlimited ability to create, erase, redraw, and pursue any life he wants. Which, to a certain degree, makes Sota feel better.


I have to admit, I was surprised Kanoya, of any of the characters, had a real good moment. If only because, like Mirokuji in a way, he has really been neglected thus far. Though, in general, this show doesn’t really do much with its male characters. They all pretty much range from Sota to Blitz Talker. Either they are kind of anxious, quiet and sweet, or some form of arrogant and more known for fighting than saying much.

Thus making Kanoya not just getting a huge amount of dialog, but it not being a Meteora styled monologue, noteworthy. I mean, I highly doubt this will happen again, but at least Kanoya got one chance to be featured right?

My Relationship with Shimazaki: Sota

Context: This is after Sota saves Shimazaki from nearly falling off rafters and they slip on the rafters and end up side by side. Possibly making the whole event the most fun either had in a long time.

It has been a long time coming, but Sota finally reveals to everyone he knew Altair’s creator. Much less, he contributed to her death. Though the whole story isn’t presented in this episode.

What we do get to see is Sota’s drawings, Shimazaki taking an interest, them exchanging e-mail addresses and becoming friends. First of the virtual variety then meeting in person at this social media event. There, oh my god, it is like they have a date and it is all really cute.

However, as Shimazaki’s art gets notice and she gets into a real, likely paid, gig, the two grow distant. Then, to make matters worse, as people begin to attack Shimazaki, say she plagiarizes, Sota is silent. Thus pushing the idea that his past issue with running away stems from not defending Shimazaki when she needed him the most.


Setsuna (Yuna) Shimazaki is how she presents herself.

I get Shimazaki was likely sensitive, and the online comments contributed to her death, but Sota better not say his inactivity killed her. For this was probably the first time this show wanted to really dive into a character’s emotions. Not to say Alicetaria wasn’t in her feelings after Mamika died, but she didn’t get to really deal with it. She just became a pawn in Magane’s game.

What I’m talking about is these characters really confronting their past and growing from it. For, as Kanoya noted, all this time away from home has allowed him to reflect. It has allowed him to see his place in his world and while he isn’t fond how his fate is in stone, or rather ink, he knows he is the only one who can save his world. A drastic change from this kid who just wanted his freedom.

So with Sota, I’m hoping that what he and Kanoya presented represents a shift. One in which, since we know the likelihood of another character dying is low, it is compensated with the emotion of these characters. Be it Sota’s inaction and contribution to Shimazaki’s death or each character coming to terms with their fate, even if their world, in comparison to the one of the gods, seems like hell. 1

Collected Quote(s)

Instead of mourning for the past, it’s better to create. Create the things that only you can create.


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Things To Note

  1. It seems Sota may have drawn nearly all the characters we have seen on the show. I’m not sure if that plays into why they all showed up in particular, but maybe the ones Shimazaki liked his artwork of Altair picked to bring into the gods’ world?
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