Princess Principal: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Loudly Laundry (Case 16)” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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A new episode, a new mission, and nothing done to really say Princess Principal is pushing the story further.

Poison Gas Jack: Chise, Charlotte

There is a soldier who is positioning important supports of the Commonwealth. To find and stop him, the white pigeons work out of a laundry mill to discover the residue of the soldier’s clothing. Problem is, one William Ricard, does his own laundry. Lucky for them, one day he slips and they get to discover his clothes, him, and he is put down.

But that is but a small piece of the story. The real story here is Chise building a relationship with the unofficial head of the mill, Marilla. That and Charlotte buying the mill due to it being on the verge of going out of business. Something which could, and should, have blown everyone’s cover but strangely doesn’t.

However, after the job is done, while the property still seemingly will belong to Charlotte, especially since she made the place profitable, she leaves Marilla in charge as foreman. Thus causing a tearful goodbye.

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While it is always good when I can be to the point with a summary, I do feel if I can summarize an episode in three short paragraphs, [note]Short for me anyway. [/note] something is wrong. But the problem with this show is the same one Knights & Magic has, it doesn’t use its villain as often as it should.

Not to say the Duke of Normandy needs to be present in every episode. However, that would be better than these random, unconnected missions. Of which, like when the White Pigeons get something, we don’t even see what came of that. Making me hope that with Charlotte’s purchase, which was a bit messy, the Duke of Normandy will be on her trail.

For something has to truly give with this show. There has to be some sort of end game presented. Since it seems finding a way for Charlotte to be queen is not a priority at all.

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