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I think we’ve come to the point where enough questions have been posed or crafted for you to think of. Now, we need to begin to get some answers.

The Truth Could Set You Free: Yuma, Fujiwara, Hotaru

With Fujiwara’s proposal/ blackmail comes a swift smack from Yuma and Hotaru calming things down. Naturally leading Yuma to question why is she with Fujiwara? Her response? Well, she isn’t a good girl so why would she be with a good guy?

An answer which is as perplexing as it is frustrating for Yuma since, on top of not wanting to see her friend hurt, she is selfish with Hotaru’s time. Something which, until Hotaru started being forward and sexual with her, she didn’t realize might have been because of feelings. The kind which she, even years after Hotaru has been in the dating pool, she seems to be wrestling with.

Yet, despite having a lot of one on one time with Hotaru, she says nothing. Then, when Hotaru mentions she’ll stop doing sexual and intimate things with Yuma, she coyly speaks up. Thus sending mixed signals and leading Hotaru to make advances again. The kind that, when Fujiwara snaps a picture, leads him to believe he has something that may lead to his threesome fantasy happening.


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Okay, let’s set Yuma’s Faking It type of sexuality issue aside for a moment. Can we first talk about Hotaru? What kind of parents likely twisted this poor girl’s head up to the point she accepts an abusive relationship? Now, mind you, maybe the girl likes it kinky and her saying she isn’t a good girl wasn’t self-deprecation. However, in 6 minutes it is hard to tell. Thus far, I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt, but then you can always look at how she treats Yuma and then you feel the need to side-eye Hotaru.

But, taking into account how Yuma notes she is selfish and how she looks at Hotaru, it could just be that Hotaru was waiting for Yuma to make a move. Which, since she didn’t all this time, she decided to take things into her own hands [note]No pun intended[/note]. Which we have seen mixed and varying results from. Yuma has felt threatened by this yet, at the same time, hasn’t distanced herself from Hotaru. She still goes to her home, knowing they will be alone, goes on trips with her, knowing they could be alone, and it makes the whole idea of abuse, assault, and harassment hard to pin down with this show. If only because you aren’t sure a line exists.

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Well, at least when it comes to dealing with Hotaru anyway. Between Yuma and Fujiwara, it is clear she wants little to nothing to do with him. Yet, now he has a picture. One he can show to Takeda and the whole school. So will that be what is necessary for Yuma and Hotaru to admit they have feelings for one another? That is, assuming Hotaru has more than lust and the joy of convenience when it comes to Yuma. For who knows if she necessarily wants to come out or if even Yuma wants that to be honest. Neither one are all that forthcoming.

All we know is that Fujiwara is planning to live out a fantasy and Yuma smacking the mess out of him isn’t going to lead him to back down. Though, really thinking about it, what would Takeda, and other people, do if they did find out about Yuma and Hotaru? Who would receive the most backlash? The girls for being lesbians and messing around with one another or Fujiwara for being a creep? That should be something to look forward to.


Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where are the parents in all this?

On The Fence

  • So, is it lust, love, convenience or first exposure which drives the intimate and sexual aspects of Hotaru and Yuma’s relationship?

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