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How can two people be so oblivious? That is what you are going to ask yourself once the episode is over. That and how big of a creep is Fujiwara?

The Fools: Yuma, Takeda, Hotaru

Neither Takeda nor Yuma seem to know what’s going on. For Takeda, he just thinks Yuma is trying so hard to be into him but keeps losing interest. As for Yuma, despite how much Hotaru messes around with her, she thinks when Hotaru explains what it means to be in love and feel love, she is talking about Fujiwara.

To say the least, they both are idiots.


Crunchyroll Watch Netsuzou Trap NTR Episode 5 Im So Fed Up With Myself... Google Chrome 8 2 2017 6 20 02 PM

I want to give a pass to Takeda since I think he makes an honest effort to be a good guy. Much less, like Fujiwara at one time, just considers Yuma and Hotaru close due to how long they have known each other. On top of Yuma being shy and perhaps in her first relationship.

However, when it comes to Yuma, she is an idiot. Nothing about the way we see Hotaru and Fujiwara interact, even before the Black eye and him blackmailing her, made them seem cute. And based off the way Hotaru describes love, in which if that person loves someone else you make them miserable, it is clearly what she is doing now.

Crunchyroll Watch Netsuzou Trap NTR Episode 5 Im So Fed Up With Myself... Google Chrome 8 2 2017 6 12 38 PM

After all, who is the one consistently complicating Yuma’s life? Who is the one being sexually aggressive with her in places where she can be caught? Hotaru. For she knows how new and naïve Yuma is to sex and intimacy so she is intentionally messing up all the experiences Yuma could have with Takeda. Be it her first time or simply being with him romantically. All in an effort to make it so, as we see, when Hotaru makes a move on her, she gives in more easily. It becomes normal and she maybe grows past just accepting it but liking it. Perhaps openly.

Which leads me to wonder more and more how screwed up is Hotaru really? Much less, what triggered and led to her becoming like this? Her relationship with Fujiwara seems like a prime example to answer the how and why, but is he an exception or part of a pattern?

The Creep: Yuma, Takeda, Hotaru, Fujiwara

With Takeda reportedly breaking up with Yuma, giving them a chance to have some space and reevaluate if they should be in a relationship, so enters Fujiwara. The person who was partly the cause of Yuma and Takeda’s breakup for Yuma felt the need to confront him. You see, she went to Hotaru’s apartment to help get an opinion on which outfit to wear. As she enters she sees Hotaru without that patch and what clearly is a Black eye. So, being that Hotaru doesn’t interact with many people, and falling is the oldest lie in the book, she sets her sights squarely on Fujiwara. Who naturally denies it and then with Yuma bringing up him cheating on Hotaru, he hints that Yuma shouldn’t be a hypocrite.

And all this leads to Yuma being an hour late to meet up with Takeda and him breaking up with her. News that, of all people, Fujiwara delivers and then brings up the idea of a threesome. Something which maybe the only way for the two girls to expect him to keep his mouth shut.


Like there is a need to ask who screwed up Hotaru’s mind, the same goes for Fujiwara. What triggered the desire in him to be the type of person to assault a girl, blackmail her, and likely rape her regularly? Much less, try to bring another girl into the situation?

I know this isn’t a question likely to be answered, but it is definitely leaving my face askew as I try to understand him. Well, him, Hotaru, and this show to a point.

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