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You remember one of your first real crushes? I’m talking about in elementary school where holding hands was the most intimate thing ever. Well, imagine, or remember, feeling rejected. Makabe remembers. He has for likely almost for a decade, and this leads us to follow his tale of revenge. Assuming he sticks with it.

The Introduction

Makabe was a fat child. Rich, snobby, and fat. Because of those three things he was picked on, at least until Aki stepped in. She saved him and with her doing so, and seemingly becoming his friend, he fell in love. Alas, she rejected him, possibly because he was fat, and that moment has stayed with him ever since.

But now, he plans to make her fall in love with him or die trying. Problem is, Aki isn’t the type of girl vying for boys attention or their admiration. In fact, she publicly embarrassed them as a deterrent. Yet, they keep asking her out and Makabe thinks he may break through. Only time will tell.


It’s Comical

A former fat kid, turned a hot boy trying to emulate his idea of what girls want. As sad as it sounds, it leads to some comical moments as Makabe realizes what cute people can get away with. Also, when he can’t maintain this cool, heartthrob exterior, is cringe-worthy funny.

It Has The Potential To Be Interesting

While Aki is called “The Cruel Princess,” just based off what one boy, Tanabe, writes in a confession, you can understand why she is that cruel and why some girls love her for it. Aki isn’t some girl who is flattered by shallow compliments. Saying her legs look nice isn’t met with blushing or anything like that, it is taken as creepy and the show exhibits why.

Tanabe, after being rejected and being given a silly nickname, he decides to run up on Aki, pull her hair, and threaten to cut it. Now, call this me reading too much into the matter, but I think Tanabe is supposed to represent the so-called nice guys who supposedly are harmless. That is until they hit or kill a girl for rejecting them. And while Makabe stops the act, with the show having a sort of watered down moment of a real serious issue, it does lead me to believe if it may pursue a real look at how a relationship forms. Especially in terms of friendship, trust, and vulnerability. For Makabe learns already about how insecure Aki is about how hungry she gets, and he saves her, which I don’t think will suddenly win her over and mellow her out, but I think it maybe baby steps.

On The Fence

I Could Be Over Analyzing This

Often I think seeing as many TV Shows, movies, and etc as a handicap. It makes you feel you have seen everything done in as many ways as it can be. However, you can either walk in and be pessimistic, make it where you have this unreachable standard, or try to elevate something and hope it meets your expectations. Yeah, there is always the chance it won’t, Izetta is a prime example of that. But you have to at least give it a chance right?

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

What will make or break Masamune-kun no Revenge is how seriously it takes the idea of breaking the mold and not having a girl fall head over heels with someone strictly based on looks. Aki, from what it seems, is blunt and how she is because she can see through people. Tanabe liked her because of her legs, Makabe liked her because she protected him from bullies, but is that all they like? What can she do for them? With that, you can kind of understand why she values female relationships more. She doesn’t feel like an object or is put on some kind of pedestal. I mean, they look up to her, but this “Cruel Princess” persona, for the most part, you don’t see. Granted, with her lackey Yoshino, she isn’t that kind, but I’d like to think there is more to that relationship than we truly know. Moreover, Makabe himself says Yoshino has an “unfortunate aura” so maybe Aki isn’t mean to her just for the hell of it, but is trying to have Yoshino stick up for herself and has taken her under her win to try to build her up? Nevertheless, again, I could be seeing something that really isn’t there.

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  1. I wasn’t really sold on this one from this episode but will probably give it one more episode before I decide. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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