Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site): Season 1/ Episode 8 “Last Summer” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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What begins as a peaceful day off devolves into us learning about two pending tragedies. One of which is right around the corner.

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Director(s)Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s)Takayo Ikami
Air Date5/25/2018
Actors Introduced
MisumiSuzuki Tatsuhisa

A Bonding Day At The Beach: Aya, Yatsumura, Kiyo, Amagai

The known magical girls excited about going to the beach.
“It’s the ocean!”

All the magical girls we know decide to have a day at the beach. Which is a bit of a bittersweet occasion for Aya since Kiyo and Amagai reveal Yatsumura doesn’t have much longer to live. Hence the real reason Aya planned this trip. Just to give Yatsumura one happy memory, untainted, amongst a life which has been difficult.

The Case of the Stolen Panties: Nijimin, Kaname, Aya, Yatsumura

But, good things don’t last and with Nijimin’s stick, rather panties, being stolen, that is quite an issue. Especially since her stick seems capable of commanding anyone, maybe even admins, so it is necessary in order to fight them. Yet, lo and behold, Kaname has them. How and why? Well, Nijimin gave him all the information he needed.

So, as the girls were playing on the beach, or the ocean, he snuck in, broke into the locker Yatsumura was hiding them in and left. Only to later be caught by Aya and reveal to Nijimin he has them. Now, as for whether he’ll give them back? Well, let’s be real here.

A God Is Born: Kaname

You remember the superfan of Nijimin who has been so upset about her retirement? Yeah, well he decided this episode he was going to kill Kaname. Problem is, Kaname is wearing Nijimin’s panties so that doesn’t happen. In fact, he commands the superfan to kill himself, in the ocean, and this picks up on Detective Misumi’s radar. For with there being no hesitation in this apparent suicide, it raises a red flag for him. Just as the other deaths caused by either a site admin or a stick user.


So, one major thing learned and confirmed is that anyone can use a stick, even if they aren’t a magical girl, or a girl period. But with that comes a bit of fear because Kaname’s god-plex has been a major issue in the series. Early on we saw it enacted through his abuse of Aya but with strength in numbers, he was forced to calm it down to just his thoughts. However, with it being shown only covering the person’s mouth can stop their commands, what is to stop Kaname from being just what the admins needed?

Heck, there is also still the question of how powerful is the underwear? If he gets on a loudspeaker or broadcast, will the underwear work? Granted, that’ll probably put him within a few hours of death but the glee he’d have from being treated as he saw himself? He might not even care.

With that said, I wonder if this show would really have Yatsumura die on us. It wouldn’t be unprecedented since tragedy is the basis of this show. However, that doesn’t mean hopes for a happy ending are absent. Not likely, but they still exist.

Though, considering the king or tempest being we saw, who may be a child now but with it officially being summer, that means time is running out. Not to forget, it isn’t just time that is running out but with Kiyo seemingly having connections to magical girls beyond the ones we have met, and them dying? Time is also running out on this grand plan of theirs too. So while Aya may have meant well, it seems there should have been some kind of conversation during this getaway. If not how to get the admins than at least getting Aya and her friends some sticks to be of better use.


  1. The stakes being raised by learning Yatsumura may die the next time she uses a stick, anyone can use a stick, and Kaname has one. Which, for the admins, might be the absolute best person to give them the negative energy they need. Especially considering they are killing off magical girls left and right.
  2. Getting to see Yatsumura smile.

Low Points

  1. It still not being clear why some of these girls were chosen. Unless only Nana focuses on misfortunate girls while others may focus on greed, stress, and other negative emotions.

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