Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site): Season 1/ Episode 6 “Fake” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The purpose of Nana creating magical girls gets revealed, alongside so much more. Network Amazon Prime Director(s) Tadahito Matsubayashi Writer(s) Takayo Ikami Air Date 5/11/2018 Actors Introduced Amagai Yumi Hara Trigger Warnings: Wrist cutting Love @ 1st Sight: Nijimin, Kaname Nijimin is conflicted. On one hand, Aya might just have to die for lying to…

Nana being upset that the magical girls are discovering her, and the other admins, plan.

The purpose of Nana creating magical girls gets revealed, alongside so much more.

Amazon Prime
Director(s) Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s) Takayo Ikami
Air Date 5/11/2018
Actors Introduced
Amagai Yumi Hara

Trigger Warnings: Wrist cutting

Love @ 1st Sight: Nijimin, Kaname

Nijimin is conflicted. On one hand, Aya might just have to die for lying to her and protecting her best friend’s killer. On the other hand, Kaname is so cute to her and she’d hate to see him sad. As for how Kaname feels? Well, with his sister not being his little punching bag for who knows how long at this point, manipulating one of her friends might be the next best thing? Heck, maybe through her he might actually learn how to be normal or share his more psychotic nature with?


Nijimin reacting to meeting Kaname for the first time and thinking he is hot.
“S-So hot”

A match made in hell. Especially considering Nijimin’s magical underwear. But, with Kaname being a small fry now thanks to all that gets revealed, I guess they had to find some way to keep him relevant. To be more than someone, at the absolute end of the episode, given a minuscule time to shine. As for Nijimin, considering the larger threat and us knowing Magical Girls can and likely will die, so comes the question of whether she might get killed by the coalition Aya and Yatsumura joined or die from overuse of her powers.

Place your bets.

The Truth Behind Magical Girls: Rina, Aya, Yatsumura

Rina, she’s awake! All because of a magical girl named Amagai who, with her power being that cutting herself and dropping her blood into someone equals vampire level healing, cures all of Rina’s ailments. In fact, even Aya and Yatsumura come out unscathed. Though, let’s not quickly bypass the fact Amagai is a cutter, even before being a magical girl, takes a lot of pills, and seemingly is dealing with immense trauma. Just got to make sure that is noted before we move on.

For the purpose of Amagai helping is because she, and other magical girls, have discovered not just Nana’s plot, but the plot of multiple site admins, who all run their own site. Long story short, each one produces magical girls and objects with the idea being that each girl, highly unfortunate, will collect negative energy for the Tempest apocalypse. Now, to the understanding of some girls, collect the objects and fill it, and you’ll be safe. Thing is, overusing it puts you into a coma, as we saw Rina, so clearly there was no winning.

Thus leading to the current solution of capturing a site admin to learn more about fighting, if not stopping, the Tempest. A plan the girls join for, what choice do they have? Also, because Yatsumura, with her family’s killer dead, wants a new reason to live.


Rina realizing she got played by Nana.
“So we get played by the damn site?”

A short-term goal and long-term goal. That is something which is missing from the anime being covered this season and why I find myself still rather enjoying Magical Girl Site. However, the other part which is making this interest is that the characters, while they have gone through trauma, and still are recovering or learning to manage it, they still have the ability to smile. They can look at one another and recognize this person is good to me and I’m safe around them, and it brings a weird sweetness to a very depressing, and kind of gory, show.

I mean, though Yatsumura pushes the idea she won’t perhaps kill herself because now this Tempest thing can distract her from being an orphan, I feel like Aya is a factor too. She gives her some sense of normalcy and when you have had a hard life, finding that one consistent thing that makes you feel normal is everything. Especially if it is a person for the validation that comes with that is like no other. Add on Aya gets it in a way, and that makes her a wish come true.

The Path Forward: Kaname, Aya, Yatsumura, Nana

While the girls are digging for the magical items, so they can be of use for Amagai’s plan, Nana and her peers are wondering how to stop them. Of which the answer ends up just being killing them. Thus leading to the death of three girls and surely more to come.

However, when it comes to Aya and Yatsumura, with Yatsumura being homeless now, it seems Nana will have a tough time taking them both down. Especially since Aya’s parents will let this girl they know nothing about live with them. Which, of course, with seeing his sister healed perfectly, only raises suspicions for Kaname. Who already doesn’t get why an idol like Nijimin would know or be friends with his sister.


Aya’s parents are such a mystery to me. You just saw your daughter stable, but seriously messed up, and she returns home, with a friend you barely know, and things are peachy? No questions? I mean, never mind what Kaname used to do and seemingly that being let slide, because that already was shocking, but are these parents really that oblivious?

That aside, what kind of beings are Nana and the rest of the administrators and who took the magical girl items? There have been two investigators, I don’t believe named yet, for quite some time. Was it them? Also, what is the administrators’ relationship to the Tempest? Is that their God or something?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • There are, at a minimum, 11 administrators.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

A mysterious girl.

  1. Is this the Tempest? Before they become this weird, mutilated, monster?


  1. A short term and long term goal presented, alongside more information about the site admins and their goals.
  2. The bond between Yatsumura and Aya growing.
  3. The growing number of magical girls and the community they might form. One which may not only provide an epic battle in the end but also the type of support system they all need.

On The Fence

  1. Nijimin and Kaname and where that may go.

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  1. Another case of anime parental blindness. This happens a lot when it is convenient for the plot for anime parents to not notice weird stuff going on with their kid. At least in Sailor Moon when her daughter from the future moved in they at least pretended they’d hypnotised the family which gave some sort of reason for them to accept the random pink haired addition to the family.

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