Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site): Season 1/ Episode 5 “Revenge and Resolve” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Multiple characters have their life on the line and it seems someone we may know, Game of Thrones style, might actually die.

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Director(s)Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s)Takayo Ikami
Air Date5/4/2018

Revenge: Sarina, Yatsumura, Aya

With Aya killing Erika and Shota, alongside giving Sarina a permanent scar, naturally, she wants revenge. So, with her tracking down Aya and Yatsumura to Yatsumura’s apartment, she planned to torture and kill both. However, thanks to that magical box which can protect the people within it from everything, Aya, not Yatsumura, is able to protect them both from Sarina’s wrath.

But here is the kicker, Sarina flips out so much the apartment complex collapses but, perhaps due to the guilt of killing Sarina’s friends, Aya saves Sarina. However, it seems the nice gesture doesn’t mean the end of Sarina’s quest for revenge or the rest of the magical objects.

You Kept Me From Justice: Nijimin

Nijimin finding Rina and being ready to kill.

With Sarina revealing where Rina is, and that she is in a coma, Nijimin is ready for revenge. However, when she gets there, her revenge is blocked. Something she realizes Aya and Yatsumura are responsible for so she goes to Aya’s house to wait. Not knowing Aya and Yatsumura, who is on the verge of dying, are in the hospital she just left.

The New Girl In Town

It seems Nijimin isn’t the only one who wants to kill Rina. A new girl, with an eye patch, who knows Rina knows something, brings a switchblade to take her out.


Perhaps the main thing worth noting is Aya stepping up. She presents to Sarina she is done playing the victim and seemingly, in terms of Shota and Erika’s deaths, will accept responsibility. But what really got to me was Aya trying to defend Yatsumura and stand up for her. For, since the beginning, Aya has made it seem she is a perpetual victim unable to do anything but be abused. Yet now, she got some fight in her! She took on Sarina, firing her gun multiple times, and now you got to wonder, the next time she faces her brother, heck when Nijimin and her are face to face, will she be able to use that gun of hers? Perhaps even to kill rather than defend or evade?


  1. Aya speaking about how much Yatsumura means to her, as her first, and only, friend was so touching it was hard to not get a bit teary-eyed.

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