Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site): Season 1/ Episode 10 “Breaking” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Aya deals with her hand in Nijimin’s death, Nana decides it is finally the time to make a move and handle those ungrateful girls.

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Director(s)Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s)Takayo Ikami
Air Date6/8/2018

The Disappearance of Kaname: Misumi

From what it seems, Misumi is an agent of Nana and not only stopped Kaname, despite how useful you’d think he would be, but has him hanging somewhere. All the while doing his duty as a cop to investigate.

A Time To Mourn: Aya

With her having a hand in Nijimin’s death, Aya goes into a bit of a depression.

Fight Back: Aya, Sarina

The ladies of the Magical Girls crew.

However, as she goes on a walk, trying to figure out a way to get her stick and redeem herself, she runs into Sarina. Someone who, after working for Nana for quite some time, wants to break off for she feels she is being used and manipulated. So, alongside handing Aya her stick, she reveals Nana’s plan to kill the girls during Nijimin’s memorial.

Something which Aya saves them from and then immediately asks for their sticks. Which she doesn’t get for they refuse to have it where they give up and lay the burden of the fight on Aya. They ride together, they die together, they magical girls for life and they want revenge as much as Aya.

So, with Sarina on their side, and everyone with a stick, it seems the fight may finally come to the admins and perhaps Nana’s puppet Misumi.

On The Fence

  1. It’s Hard To Not Feel Strung Along

Considering the powers of Nana and the others, the fact she just now goes for the kill is a little bit perplexing. We saw her take down magical girls one by one, like the other admins, so considering Aya was on her own, without protection, for quite some time, the fact she didn’t just kill her then was stupid. But, what you expect for a show which started off violent, dug into the emotional backstory of some characters, then put a pause on going after the admins. Much less finding sticks because, well there was an episode order to fulfill.

Nana revealing Misumi works with her.
Nana: Well, that’s your fault, Misumi.
  1. The Misumi Reveal

So, Misumi is the one who saved the girls and for some reason now has Kaname hanging in a crucifix pose. Okay. Question is, what is his relationship to Nana and why? That the sort of issue with this reveal. Misumi has just existed for a long time and was only notable because he kept showing up. Outside of that, why would you take note of him? He didn’t really make the kind of moves, as an officer, that would make you think he’d discover magical girls. Plus, we only saw him when someone died.

It’s not like, say, B: The Beginning where all parties involved were given focus. Heck, when it comes to Nana and the admins, they are still an utter mystery. But, I guess like most anime which begin rather violent, there comes a point where you realize the violence is the main thing it has to offer. Anything else you may find is you just being happy for a morsel of effort.

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