Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish): Season 1/ Episode 4 “Bad Apple” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) The title of this anime has confused me a little bit for I just don’t see how the need and want to feel desired by someone makes a person scum. Yet, in this episode, we get a taste of…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

The title of this anime has confused me a little bit for I just don’t see how the need and want to feel desired by someone makes a person scum. Yet, in this episode, we get a taste of who is actually scum and there is an argument that Hanabi is just like that person.

Topic 1: To Be Loved By Those You Don’t Like (Akane, Hanabi, and Kanai)

Akane is as Hanabi has made her seem and has been this was since high school. She loves the attention boys and men give and lives for it. To the point, it doesn’t matter if the guy is someone her friend likes or is the crush of some student at her school. If anything, that makes things better. If the cake is the male gaze then the frosting and milk is her having what someone else can’t have.

Hence why, as there was beginning to be a bit of jealous about all the attention Hanabi got as a sports star in gym and perhaps even taking Mugi’s attention away, she pounced on Kanai. For seeing this child heartbroken, like some type of twisted demon, is pleasure for her.


I’m kind of speechless. Mostly because I haven’t taken too much note of Kanai, much less Akane, since I figured neither really took note of Hanabi or Mugi’s crush. However, with this episode, and Akane really showing her behind… breasts, and more I was a bit shocked. For it, to me, is rare to see an anime with a tone like this have someone like Akane. She seems more geared toward a Cross Ange type of show or one in which it has some sort of noir spin. Yet, her being in a show which thus far has exhibited heartbreaking longing and rejection, it is such a shock to the system. One which, I recognize is new to me so it is good, yet it leads me to question how will this show go forward with that reveal and what Hanabi, arguably, let happen to her in the next topic.

Topic 2: Filling The Void (Ecchan & Hanabi)

With Kanai confessing to Akane that he likes her and Hanabi figuring it out that Akane will string him along to see Hanabi hurt, she questions if she should tell Mugi. Not the part about Akane being like some weird succubus, but that she and Kanai may now be official. However, she finds she can’t bring herself to share this pain.

Leading to Ecchan, who sees Hanabi walk away from Mugi’s apartment, find herself at the right place at the right time. For with Hanabi hurt, but unwilling to share this pain with Mugi, she lets is go with Ecchan. Though, what makes things worse, and what the episode tries to push, is the idea that Ecchan, for at least now, is filling the void Mugi usually does. I mean, we see them, though in the show’s usual artsy way, have sex and Ecchan is under the impression, so it seems, maybe she could win Hanabi over. However, with Hanabi thinking about Kanai during the erotic moment, it seems unlikely.


This whole Akane thing is like one big monkey wrench. However, what is really bothering me is that the show is trying to push you to feel a certain way about how Hanabi reacts. One which, based off the first three episodes, I’m not clicking with. You see, Akane sees herself in Hanabi and feels they are similar. So, combined with Hanabi’s inner child, or whatever you want to call it, giving Hanabi grief over letting Ecchan have sex with her, it is like they are trying to push the idea she is as scummy as Akane.

Something I have a hard time coming to terms with. If only because the type of scum Akane is and what Hanabi was doing with Mugi, and allowed to happen with Ecchan, I feel are drastically different. With Mugi, I feel she was legit falling for him since Kanai’s face and body were no longer part of the fantasy. She didn’t have to pretend it was him for what Mugi was willing to give, that was leading her to have real feelings for him. Feelings which he may, possibly with time, might be able to reciprocate.

Then with Ecchan, honestly with her noting how she wanted to be in Mugi’s position and Hanabi’s animation making it seem she really wasn’t into having sex with Ecchan, I’m more looking at Ecchan as scum than Hanabi. Especially since Ecchan notes that Hanabi doesn’t want to hurt or lose her, and that is perhaps why she is letting this all happen. So, basically, Hanabi is being exploited by Ecchan just because Ecchan knows that this vulnerable moment in which she can get the chance to kiss, finger, and lick Hanabi may not come again. And just to really push how scummy Ecchan is, she stalked Hanabi to Mugi’s household and perhaps saw everything that went down between Hanabi, Akane, and Kanai. So it is like she was just waiting like a predator. Like the proverbial person who is friend zoned but decides to push their luck when their friend is perhaps at their lowest and they want to cash in all those times they were a good friend to them just for one chance.

Making me, overall, confused about Hanabi’s guilt but I guess it’s one thing to be with Mugi who knows the deal and they are mutually using each other. But with Ecchan, she knows she has feelings she can’t return and while she is being used, there is some ability to pretend Ecchan is someone else. Leading to the show’s argument of why Hanabi is scum since now maybe Ecchan thinks she has a chance even though Hanabi was just having a moment of weakness.

Things To Note

In a very weird way, considering how much ecchi makes me roll my eyes, I feel like this show sort of should be applauded for the way it approaches sex and sexuality. A lot of times, the woman is in control, it is about her exploring her sexuality, what she may like, and often she is in the power position. Which I feel is so rare in anything animated dealing with sex.

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  1. I really wish I could watch this series. I’ve been reading the manga (which I almsot never do but I wanted to know what this story was about) and I’ve been really loving how the story is unfolding and just how differently this story approaches what feels lke it should be a fairly generic highschool bad-romance story and yet it feels so much more real. That was a terrible way to express it but I’m too tired to think of something better at the moment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this series so far.

    1. Honestly, I’m starting to think I need to get into Manga myself. For it really makes little sense that I love watching anime, like to read, but own not one Manga.

      1. People have told me it makes no sense forever but it doesn’t change the fact that I find reading a manga fairly tedious and its very hard for me to connect with the characters.
        There isn’t the rich description that I enjoy when reading novels, and it isn’t as interesting or involving as an anime, plust I find that having to switch between the text and images just slows my reading pace right down and I find myself getting annoyed. I don’t think I’ll ever be a manga fan, but there’s a few stories I’ve missed out on because I didn’t read manga so I think the occasional one or two might be okay.

        1. I haven’t gotten into Manga for the same reason. While I don’t speed read, I think my pace would drastically be slowed down due to the medium focused more on art than storytelling. Not to imply the story wouldn’t be good but the only use for pictures to me would be to set the scene or to know how the author envisioned the character. Otherwise, I feel like it isn’t letting me craft the story enough in my own imagination to truly get lost and immersed. Though, the only thing close to a Manga I’ve ever read was the watchmen graphic novel.

          1. I’m terrible at getting to the bottom of a manga page and having no idea what happened because my eyes just darted over the text and skipped the pictures, forcing me to back track. I think if I read more I might overcome this but for the most part I’m happy enough sticking with anime and novels.

    2. What’s keeping you from watching the show? It’s easily accessible via torrent, so unless you are a particularly scrupulous and law-abiding person, install utorrent, go to tokyotosho.info and search for “kuzu”. Alternatively, if you have Amazon Prime, you can find it there, as well.

      1. You’d still have to pay $5 a month, even if you have prime. So with Karandi seemingly having Crunchyroll already, I doubt they are looking to pay for yet another service. Much less looking to not support the creators through the torrent method.

      2. Mostly scrupulous about access to anime now that most anime are accessible. Ten years ago, not so much because there weren’t options but now try to avoid that option. And no, getting Amazon Prime for the one or two series they get that I would like to see is not on my agenda.

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