Sagawa after gaining the powers of a Herald.
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As Sagawa tests the possibility of being a human with Herald like abilities, Juri and co. struggle on how to combat their disadvantage.

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Director(s) Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Writer(s) Seita Horio
Air Date 2/25/18

Deadly Experimentation: Sagawa, Shiomi

As part of trying to reach a new level of understanding about Stasis, Sagawa has found a way to be a humanoid Herald by manipulating the specters. It isn’t 100% clear how, but it seems to be a mix of giving himself up to the point of beginning the transition and then forcing a strong enough sense of self to maintain control. Of which, based on Sagawa’s experiments, it seems he retains will and control. It isn’t clear if someone tries to harm a stalled person if he loses control, or if Juri can expel him but, for now, between this new power, the master stone, and having Tsubasa, Sagawa has all the cards.

The First Real Battle: Sagawa, Majima, Shiomi, Juri, Grandpa

Did I mention Majima and Juri see what Sagawa does to at least 2-3 people? I mean, kill them all in brutal fashion? Well, despite what happens, Majima believes she can find a way to help Juri retrieve Tsubasa through bringing Shiomi onto their side. Now, the idea here seems to be that with Shiomi only caring about the money, it shouldn’t have been that hard. However, unlike Sako, it isn’t like Shiomi is your basic gangster. So, of course, Majima fails and on top of that, she finds herself fighting off Sagawa.


Majima trying to avoid Sagawa's new strength.But, in the process, her power is revealed of being able to treat stalled objects as solid. So, say if a ladder was propped up in mid-air, she could climb it as if it was on solid ground. For this episode though, it is getting on a railing Sagawa isn’t too sure about climbing on.

Though, in the long run, all Sagawa really wanted was Grandpa’s blood. For his teleportation abilities, even with Sagawa having heightened senses, are a problem. Not to say Juri’s expel powers aren’t too, but her being able to pop up and BAM, big issue.

Expelling Powers of My Own: Sagawa, Grandpa, Shiomi, Juri

Hence why Shiomi made sure to get some of Grandpa’s blood. For now it is time to see what happens when blood hits the stone but you are not only not touching the stone, but nowhere near its vicinity. For that could mean Sagawa could get rid of everyone just by them making one simple, bloody, mistake. After all, lest we forget, Sagawa pretty much has what he wants and now Shiomi, Juri, and everyone else, are kind of in the way.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Makoto and Takafumi wander about and Takafumi still has dreams of grandeur. Of which includes him trying to gain enough influence to force Grandpa to teach him something. Though, considering Makoto is his only leverage, good luck with that.

On The Fence

Stalling For Time

Sagawa has no issues with murdering people, has enough strength now to throw a knife through two people, and also the master stone. At this point, him playing with Juri, her family, and Majima seems to just be to drag this show out. This will especially feel true if he and Shiomi end up expelling, or killing, grandpa through using his blood on the master stone.

But, who knows, since it was his blood which activated the stone, maybe expelling him will lead to something dangerous happening. It doesn’t seem that way but the scales are tipped way too far in Sagawa’s favor for this to not turn out to be some kind of mistake. For even though now he is outnumbered, the power of a Herald makes him seem unstoppable to beat.

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