As Majima receives the happiest bit of news ever, Sagawa might have gone too far with his disciples and hired help.

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Director(s) Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Writer(s) Seita Horio
Air Date 2/18/2018

The Yukawa Family and Majima – Future Plans: Juri, Majima, Takafumi

With Majima actually having not just her parents’ corpses, but her brother Yosuke being ALIVE – she is weeping tears of joy. Making you think, with this group getting all they want and need, they’d get the master stone and exit. WRONG! Like idiots, they want to confront and expel the 7 remaining members of the Genuine Love Society. That is, the 4 disciples, Tibino, a hired hand, Shiomi, who set up the hidden cameras and handled the wiretapping and then of course Sagawa.

But of course, idiocy is contagious and everyone’s least favorite member of the Yukawa family, Takafumi, plans to make a trying situation worse. For while Juri and the rest agree the stones need to be destroyed and stasis sealed, he isn’t for this idea. So expect him to do something stupid in no time.

Sagawa and the Genuine Love Society – Past and Future: Sagawa

One of the disciples asking why does the Genuine Love Society exist?

Between Majima and Sagawa, we get some insight on the Genuine Love Societ this episode. First, by learning they were originally named KO over 200 years ago and until the Meiji period, it was normal for people to worship the stasis as they did. Alongside that, we learn The Great Circle Scriptures, the would be bible of the Genuine Love Society, was made in the 1300s and the last page written in the 1800s [note]For reference, the Meiji period was from 1868 to 1912[/note] – all written by the same person.

So, in light of this, Sagawa has plans to just stay in stasis to explore and learn. Meanwhile, he wants Shiomi, an outsider, to run the Genuine Love Society. This information is overheard by a disciple and leads to him, after the Master Stone is found, seemingly ready to leave Sagawa and many others behind. That is, until Sagawa begins the process of becoming a Herald and this shocks them into stopping in their tracks.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Confusion: If Juri and crew left Stasis, what would happen if Sagawa or his team messed with someone while in stasis? Would that affect the person in the future or would it be like messing with a mannequin?

Low Points

Why Not Just Leave?

All things considered, Juri and Majima got everything they wanted. Juri’s family is safe and Majima has her kin out of being Heralds. At this point, you’d think their goal would be to just get the master stone and leave Sagawa and his crew trapped in stasis. After all, they kidnapped and trapped them! Much less, for Juri they talked about raping her and for Majima, trading sexual favors for helping. Why make it a point to expel them from stasis?

Now, granted, it isn’t clear how many Heralds are left to prevent Sagawa and crew from doing any harm but, it isn’t like they can harm you. Much less, with everything happening in stasis, how would you report this crime? There aren’t any cameras, Sagawa, we are told, has some influence and money, so the best justice would probably be to trap Sagawa and his people. It isn’t like they’d starve or anything.

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      Especially considering they are dealing with murderers and rapist. It isn’t like these are just religious people who are a bit off-putting but are basically harmless.

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