The gender swapped Romeo and Juliet finally gets performed but what steals the show, more so episode, is something Yajima talks about and Shuu confirms.

Don’t Discount Yourself: Nisaka, Yukari

As Nisaka’s dad noted in the last episode, he wasn’t always so stand offish. Perhaps even an introvert. There was a time when his joy was infectious and he was a real extroverted kid. Something that he sort of is reminded of thanks to Yukari. Which helps Yukari feel like he brought some value to the production. For with him not doing much when it comes to building sets, not being that good at bringing the right things to people, or anything most could take notice of, he feels bad. However, Nisaka’s words, and him noting how Yukari inspired him makes him feel quite better.

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It isn’t made clear what led to Nisaka becoming a bit more, sheltered, I guess you can say, but it is nice that Yukari brings him out of his shell. Especially the way that is portrayed to us. It wasn’t through some grand gesture, begging, or anything like that, but through a series of conversations that got Nisaka on that stage. Back to enjoying working with and having fun with people, and it further pushes you to understand why Nisaka has feelings for Yukari. Much less why anyone does.

For Yukari goes beyond being that nice, but kind of boring, guy who you can’t fathom this many people, openly in a way, having feelings for him. He presents himself as subtle, yet even you can understand his appeal. Since Koi to Uso isn’t trying to build Yukari up Yuu was in Fuuka. He is not suddenly this guy who puts effort into things to seem like a likable person.

If anything, Yukari has always been the kind of guy someone could like but with him being an introvert, he didn’t approach people. Yet, as shown with a lot of introverts, if you engage them you gain perhaps one of the best things a person could ever want. Someone who is loyal, listens and says the things you often need to hear the most.

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Yajima reveals someone either tampered with the notification system or a system error occurred. Hence why Takasaki’s name appeared in a text message as Yukari’s match yet Ririna on paper. However, what is said to be an isolated glitch, or incident, in Yajima’s mind is presented as something quite different by Shuu, the silver haired girl we saw in episode 6. She makes it seem Takasaki is Yukari’s destined partner and this is overheard by Ririna who is in shock.

Yet, with it being noted Shuu is someone Yukari knew in grade school, but somehow seems to work behind the scenes of the government’s match and notification system, one has to question how does she know? Much less, what part has she played in all of this?


I’m increasingly curious about how this show will come to an end. Especially since, at this point, I feel like they haven’t really strongly pushed us to root for any girl here and now it is like Yajima and Shuu are playing a game with Yukari. One in which they are trying to make it seem between Takasaki and Ririna, who would he naturally choose if given a choice? One who his heart desires or who seems to be his perfect match on paper.

Which I find curious just because Yajima is an adult. One who has leveled with Yukari about the regrets he may harbor in the future. However, he has sort of played both sides. His duty is to push Ririna and Yukari together yet provides little holes in how the system works to make it seem he shouldn’t fully give up on Takasaki.

Making me wonder what if the notification system is honestly just a backup? One made for those who, if they are like Yukari or Ririna, gives them someone to pair with if they don’t seek out someone themselves? Yet, perhaps you are allowed to choose a mate. It is just the best-held secret and something not allowed to be circulated. For I smell a twist in the air or a big reveal. Of which I don’t think Shuu’s reveal of Takasaki being Yukari’s destined pairing being it. LOVE and LIES Season 1 Sentai Filmworks Google Chrome 8 28 2017 9 54 15 PM

But before we move on, imagine how Ririna felt hearing that. I keep trying to fathom how she could, or would, react, but it is hard. On one hand, she barely knows Yukari but their compatibility has opened her up to so much. Now she has friends and was starting to warm up to the idea of him being her husband. So for the foundation of that, them having to be married eventually, taken away, what would that do to their relationship? How will that affect what they can, will, or may ever be?

Other Noteworthy Moments


Question(s) Left Unanswered



  • Really getting to see and understand how Yukari can be attractive in a natural way.

On The Fence

  • The mystery of whether Takasaki is Yukari’s true match or not.

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