Koi to Uso (Love and Lies): Season 1/ Episode 8 “Feelings Without Lies” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Koi to Uso (Love and Lies): Season 1/ Episode 8 "Feelings Without Lies" - Nisaka in drag

As Ririna continues to keep her distance from Yukari, Takasaki becomes more torn between expressing her feelings and dealing with what she feels is fate.

The Mystery that is Nisaka: Nisaka, Yukari

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Can you believe there was once a time Nisaka was a soccer player and he enjoyed being popular? That is what his father says. In fact, Nisaka’s birthdays were at one time a big deal. As for why that suddenly no longer became true? Well, that isn’t gone into.

What we do know though is that Nisaka has no desire to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Especially since cross-dressing is involved. However, with Yukari relating how the story speaks of their situation, in terms of being assigned to a potential partner despite your love for another, he is eventually convinced.


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Nisaka’s dad came out of nowhere alongside him dropping this nugget that Nisaka wasn’t always this moody and brooding teenager. Leading to the question: what happened? Could it be that his desire to have a boyfriend, but surrounding only by adoring girls broke his spirit? Maybe rejection or knowing the government won’t ever pair him with a dude?

Hell, looking outside of the relationship aspect, it seems he is even distant from his dad so something surely had to happen that was major right? I mean, his mom isn’t talked about at all so many she died? Is it wrong I’m going to what maybe the extreme to try to figure out what has caused Nisaka to be an anti-social sour puss?

Well, outside when Yukari is around anyway. Though with that comes the question of what makes him so special? Is it similar to Takasaki where one act of kindness got him hooked or is it because Yukari is the only one who puts up with Yukari’s attempts to push everyone away? I mean, there has to be something major about Yukari for Nisaka to have risked stealing a kiss from him so many episodes ago.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?: Takasaki, Yukari

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As she has tried to make clear, with Yukari being assigned, Takasaki has been torn between living out her fantasy as long as possible and backing away from Yukari. Especially since she knows his assigned wife and realizes she’d have to actively compete with her. Something she doesn’t really want to do.

And yet, Yukari keeps pursuing her and seems to be delaying the fate which awaits them. One in which her, Takasaki, is left with a broken heart and Yukari rides off into the sunset with Ririna. Someone who still is communicating with Yukari through letters.

However, with Yukari holding her close, so comes the question if maybe Takasaki should change her way of thinking. For a long time now she has done what it took to keep others from being inconvenienced. Such as taking part in this Romeo and Juliet play. For while she isn’t into it, she doesn’t want to let anyone down. But with Yukari, despite her friendship with Ririna, it seems she wants to put herself first. Perhaps for the first time in her life.


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What is sometimes hard to appreciate about Koi to Uso is that it doesn’t dwell on drama. Instead, it focuses on carefully adding layers to its characters little by little. Something that can be said about a lot of the anime this season. There isn’t any rush towards some big finish, no real cliffhangers, it is just about character building – brick by brick.

Which, I have to admit is a struggle to adapt to. Due to my viewing habits, I’m used to betrayals, over the top drama, and it makes subtlety harder to get into. To the point, it leads me to question if a show is boring or if it is just me? In the case of Koi to Uso, the problem has been that this love triangle, has never been pushed to the point you want to side with Ririna or Takasaki. Instead, there is just this vibe that all three are involved in an unfortunate situation. One in which there is no animosity against each other for everyone’s feelings are internalized and, like Takasaki, no one has the guts to really go for what they want at the inconvenience of others.

But, as the episode count wears down, there still remains the decision of who will Yukari end up with? The childhood crush he has long struggled to talk to until recently or the girl he found himself connecting to almost instantly? Who will he choose and, after all has been said and done, will they choose him back?


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