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After Yukari makes his move, it seems to have shaken Ririna up to the point she may be forced to acknowledge her feelings. Something Takasaki fears for she is as in love with Yukari as ever.

Peer Pressure: Ririna, Yukari

Yukari makes a move. He and Ririna make out and it is all pretty overwhelming for Ririna. After all, while she has fantasized about this moment, she didn’t expect it to happen. She has been pushing Yukari and Takasaki together this whole time and so Yukari aggressively pinning her down, kind of, and kissing her is like a dream that has come forth to reality.

But then Yukari ruins the moment. He brings up how he thought there would have been a penalty for not doing anything and how they were being watched. This idiotic idea kind of ruins the mood and leads Ririna to question what just happened and how she feels about it. To the point she asks for distance and says she is afraid of him touching her.


Ririna’s reaction to the whole thing was kind of perplexing. At first, it seemed she tried to gently deny Yukari’s advances by turning away. Perhaps in a shy way to some, but I took that as a soft rejection. Yet, following Yukari turning her face, they were full on making out.

Leading me to wonder why she wasn’t upset with him when he revealed he did so because he thought there would be a penalty if they didn’t do something. I mean, your dream came true and he admits he thought about doing something with you! Wouldn’t that be a good reason to be angry?

Yet, as I say that, I feel the need to remind myself that Ririna isn’t your average girl. For her, that was her first kiss and it was something intense and maybe a little violating. After all, Yukari trapped her beneath his body and, again, despite the turned head, he pressed on. Perhaps explaining why she was scared to have him touch her and wanted distance. It isn’t just because of how her body reacted to him, but because he didn’t even pause to see how she felt or maybe take that into account. He was more worried about what others would think than how she would feel.

Which, even if they are close, is worrisome. Especially since being comfortable with one another has been one of the main things that has made them so compatible. So for him to taint that and sort of change their relationship I think required her to mentally adjust.

Follow Your Heart: Takasaki, Yukari, Ririna, Motoi LOVE and LIES Season 1 Sentai Filmworks Google Chrome 8 14 2017 6 46 09 PM

Motoi, the silver haired government agent, reveals he once was in a situation like Yukari. In fact, it was with his partner Ichijo. In middle school, they were a couple and when she got her notice she offered to reject the person if Motoi committed to marrying her. However, with them being so young, and him not confident, he didn’t follow through.

Hence why he takes such an interest in Yukari. His story mirrors his so closely, with only a few exceptions. So there is a hope that when Yukari follows his heart, he’ll find happiness.

However, what would that mean for the girls? Takasaki had to separate herself from Yukari for a month to try and qualm her feelings – to no avail. Then with Ririna, it is becoming clear love in on the brain but she doesn’t have the understanding to realize it. Takasaki can tell by the way Ririna talks, but to clue Ririna in means the beginning of the end. For if Ririna loves Yukari and Yukari possibly loves her back, it truly means there is no hope for her. She’ll end up that third wheel that Ririna could have been and will be left in the dust.

Commentary LOVE and LIES Season 1 Sentai Filmworks Google Chrome 8 14 2017 6 47 04 PM

I am still stuck on the question of what happens to people when they reject their match. Which really becomes curious since a government official is now seemingly pushing for it. Granted, probably not in an official capacity, but it still is a curious situation nonetheless.

Though, so is the relationship between Ririna and Takasaki at this point. Surely both are coming to terms that the other woman is what threatens one of their first chances at experiencing love. You’d think Takasaki would especially be resentful [note]She says she is[/note] since while Yukari surely loves her, it isn’t like she can just hurt Ririna either. Yet, can she be selfless enough to let her childhood crush go?

That maybe a bit harder to fathom but I will say this: I hope before Yukari makes a decision he explores things with Ririna just a bit more.

Other Noteworthy Moments LOVE and LIES Season 1 Sentai Filmworks Google Chrome 8 14 2017 6 34 01 PM
For the cultural festival, there will be a gender swapped version of Romeo and Juliet starring…



  • Motoi’s failed possibility of love.

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