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The stealing of Silhouette Knights takes a backseat as Ernie comes up with a whole new knight to compete with Director Olver and Chief Gaizka of the Silhouette Knight Laboratory.

Lost But Not Forgotten: Ernie

A new character named Nora is introduced, alongside Marquis Dixgard’s new assigned order the Order of Azure Hawk. One which specializes in espionage. They discover the Knightsmith who sold out Ernie’s designs but are unable to learn Kerhilt was the one who stole their Knight.


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I must admit there is a sort of appreciation for how time works on this show. Finding someone within the kingdom who sold them out naturally would be easier than finding an outsider. Much less, this helps bolster Kerhilt for it makes it seem, even though her people weren’t up to snuff, she was cunning enough to truly get away. With that, even though she ran, you get a sense she isn’t some slightly savvy rogue agent. She is truly someone deserving to lead her own order.

And speaking of orders, with it being noted the Order of Azure Hawk focuses on espionage, it leads me to wonder if each order has their own specialty? Such as maybe one focusing on border patrol, another dealing with demons, maybe another, like Ernie’s, focusing on new and developing technology? Something which is of interest to me since, with this show mostly being about humans vs. humans, it’ll be interesting to see where the king places his strength and where are his weaknesses. Especially for when Kerhilt and her order, alongside their country, come on the attack. [note]From what we are told, peace for the Occident region seems to come since demons attack going west. So, with that, the Occident region faces no real threats and has a reason to make peace with the east. With that said, while the Occident region also has Silhouette Knights, being that they aren’t facing demons, one could say that they have no need to push their tech further. So the balance could maybe be seen as being thrown off thanks to Ernie’s advancements. For if the demons don’t keep the east at bay, that gives them time and resources to attack the west. Though, this is assuming Kerhilt’s supervisors are thinking this vs. her being bored and her wanting war – as she said.[/note]

The Silhouette Knight Laboratory vs. The Order of the Phoenix: Ernie

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As you can imagine, someone Ernie’s age making great advancements is both enviable and embarrassing if you are an adult. Hence why Chief Gaizka is hoping to use a mock battle the king is hosting to bury Ernie’s name in the history books. However, as always, Ernie thinks of new and inventive designs which blow everyone away.

His newest Knight is a two seater with two ether reactors and split controls. It is driven by Addy and Kid and it looks like a centaur. But, unfortunately, it seems the mock battle will take place in the next episode so who knows whether Ernie may embarrass Chief Gaizka or not. [note]Prepping for the battle takes 10 months.[/note]


I have mixed emotions about this whole mock battle thing. On one hand, any and all action sequences on this show are welcomed. Yet, on the other hand, I grow tired of watching grown people upset Ernie is doing so much in so little time. Much less trying to undermine his achievements. So here is hoping Kerhilt and her finances are only taking one or two episodes off for this show needs them – bad.

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  1. It does seem odd to try to undermine someone who is making advancements that are helpful but then again, given the political structure and clearly job security only existing if you can win the king’s favour, it is no wonder that people within the kingdom are more concerned about internal rivals than external threats. I think the part of this episode I appreciated was that it became clear that not everyone of Ernesti’s ideas works out given the speed at which he is trying to advance the technology.

    1. I must admit I was happy about that too. Ernest finally failed at something and was too ambitious for his own good. Yet, I do wonder how rare they will make his failures? For with the way this show is narrated by what sounds like a history teacher, you know he is going to accomplish a great deal and be in history books. However, can we consider his life safe in the long run?

      1. Considering he was a programmer and not an engineer in his former life you would suspect there’d be a few more set backs. Somehow I don’t think building model robots really gives you perfect knowledge of how an actual robot powered by magic in a fantasy land should work.

        1. I guess with 12 to 13 episodes, they can’t allow him much of a learning curve. We just have to rely on him being considered a genius in his former life. Which seems to barely matter at all since no real references are made to it.

          1. I know, they made a big deal in the synopsis about him being reborn in a new world but it is almost as if that is inconsequential to the plot at this point.

            1. They really could have just saved half a episode and made him a child genius. It isn’t like his family doesn’t have money. Between connections and his education, it would of been believable for him to think and know what he does now.

              1. Completely agree. I keep thinking maybe we’ll get back to the whole reincarnation thing later in the story and then it would make sense, but the story doesn’t seem to be leading us that way so maybe it really was just a set up, which as you said was unnecessary and they could have saved themselves all that effort and time.

              2. I didn’t put it in the recap but I gotta ask, how do you feel about how the women are portrayed on this show? A part of me likes seeing that they are knights and are some of the top ones in the kingdom, yet I hate how we also see them fawn over Ernie alongside Helvi saying the dirty work was for the boys. It kind of gave me a two steps forward and one step back vibe.

              3. Absolutely. One minute the women are actualy assertive and getting into the disucssions and the fights and the next they are playing helpless or being protected or just fighting over who gets to hug Ernie. It isn’t terrible, and there’s certainly worse portrayals in this types of show, but it isn’t exactly great either.

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