Knight’s & Magic: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Robots and Fantasy” [Series Premiere] – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

58.69% (1)

Two Silhouette Knights in Knight's & Magic

Though Knight’s & Magic has a pretty basic and uninspiring title, it is far from your basic anime. To me, it could be one of the productions which people argue is the top ten of the season.

The Introduction

Similar to Youjo Senki, what begins in what can be considered modern times goes off into another world’s timeline. However, the war this time isn’t with some Nazi-inspired [note]I care not that others don’t think it was because the imagery looked too similar[/note] government. Instead, our hero is deposited into a feudal-like world which has demons to contend with. But, luckily for him, rather than being born poor and destitute, his grandfather is the headmaster of a prestigious school. Which our lead Ernie, formerly Kurata, is thankful for since he is highly studious.

You see, in his former life Ernie, proper name Ernesti, was a genius programmer and otaku. Someone who would miracles overnight. So in this new world of Fremmevilla, he can apply his programming knowledge when it comes to magic. Thus making him, at 9 years old, one of the top spell users at his prestigious Academy City school. However, he goes beyond simply being studious and talented by re-designing the weapons they use and even teaching two friends, Archid and Adeltrud, everything he knows. Which doesn’t put them on his level, but makes them formidable too.

But the real aim is Ernie getting his own Silhouette Knight – a mecha. For back during his Kurata days, which he seems to remember, his prime focus as an otaku was robots. So for more than 6 years, he dreams of his own robot and even plans on designing his own. Something which may be required for while the 100s-year-old blueprint still does well enough to defend the kingdom against demons, the demons seem to be evolving. Meaning, humanity needs their defense, and offense, to evolve too.


Ernie Is A Lovable Know It All

Meet Ernesti (Ernie) in his favorite place: School.

There is this weird interest with geniuses. Most of which are made to be highly intelligent in a rather autistic way. As in, with this one single thing, they are brilliant. However, with everything else, there is this impossible amount of difficulty for them to wrap their heads around things. Especially socializing. Yet, Ernie is different. He is a genius with social skills. One who isn’t an ass and isn’t someone trying to manipulate people either. He is someone who loves to learn, is willing to teach, and is fiercely loyal.

A Love Interest?

Addy and Ernie at age 12 on a school trip.
It’s nothing to swoon over, but it is still kind of cute.

Addy of Knights and Magic at age 9.

I’m a sucker for romance. So while Ernie doesn’t seem to understand or reciprocate Addy’s (Adeltrud I assume) feelings, I want him to. Just because they are painted to be so cute together.

The Robots Having Wear And Tear

A Silhouette Knight with some mileage on it.

I’m not visual or art heavy when it comes to liking something, but I did appreciate that the Silhouette Knights were polished and pristine when we saw them close up. You are in constant battles with demons, who has time for anything besides basic maintenance? Much less polishing something as tall as most structures?

On The Fence

You Do Get Kind Of Overloaded with Information

World building is a strong focus of the first episode. Especially since there is a Youjo Senki type of change where we go from modern times to what seems like a foreign world on its own timeline. Then, on top of that, we are hitting major points within 6 years of Ernie’s life, in 3-year increments. Of which makes the episode feel longer than 24 minutes.

However, believe me when I say Ernie and crew are so enjoyable that you don’t care how long this feels. Much less the fact that some of these names you know you are going to forget within a week’s time.

Initial Overall: Positive (Watch This)

I have high hopes for this. Its lead is likable, the world we are presented is interesting and while I’m not much for the mecha genre, I can get into some demon killing. Even if said demons just look like radioactively mutated animals and insects. But that is perhaps one of the things which may keep this show from getting dull. A non-verbal monster sometimes makes a hell of a better villain than a talking anything. For all you can do is judge it on how fearsome and powerful it is. That is, rather than if its crew is scary. If not, their believability as a leader who could inspire a formidable army.

So, with that said, this is primarily being marked Positive more so because I can’t think of anything serious to pick over. It does drop a lot of information and world building, but outside of forgetting character names, I figure interested parties should be fine. It isn’t like they won’t say the name and remind us of the relationships.

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