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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – The Battle of Unato: Season 1, Episode 2 “Part 2” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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After yet another outburst from Ikoma, he is put into holding and with doing so, Mumei ends up in serious danger – as the rest who hope to take back the castle.

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Director(s)Araki Tetsurou
Writer(s)Ookouchi Ichirou
Air Date09/2019

A Monster In Human Skin | Ikoma, Mumei, Ayame, Kurusu, Kuroji

While he lacks support from Ayame and Kuroji, Ikoma is determined to prove that there is a means the Kabane are getting through which isn’t being taken seriously. However, being that Mumei believes he is being hasty, perhaps rushing towards death mindlessly, she tries to stop him. For attempting to do so, she is nearly assaulted and killed, and Ikoma is caught being violent with her.

This leads to him being placed in holding for three days, on Kuroji’s command, and it leaves Ayame shook and Kurusu struggling with how to better the situation. At least beyond trying to revive Ayame’s faith in Ikoma, since she has to deal with the likes of Kuroji and hopefully bring him from doing anything rash.


Considering Mumei’s history, it must have been devastating for her, mentally, for Ikoma to not only make his life seem so cheap but then attack her? Particularly since it seems she is living for him and if he is willing to throw away his life so quickly, what purpose does her life have?

That is, if she is living for someone willing to die, and he is one of the primary drives for living, be it romantic, companionship, what have you, why is she living then? She has been the loyal soldier, doing what she was told to, and that wasn’t fulfilling for her. It didn’t make her happy. So to watch the man she loves be willing to hurt himself, even her, can she recover from that?

Mumei crying, while being pinned down by Ikoma.

Not Going According To Plan | Kuroji, Mumei, Ikoma, Ayame

Originally, members of Ayame’s team, Mumei, Ikoma, and others, were going to investigate his claim that Kabane were leaking out from somewhere. This was going to be done before Kuroji’s army bombarded the castle, but instead, as Mumei and her team investigate a mine tunnel, Kuroji’s army decides to attack the castle.

In doing so, something, or someone, is awakened, and this leads to Kabane pouring out and attacking. Leading to many of Kuroji’s army, including him, being killed. As for the rest? Ayame and her team are forced to watch in horror, and with hearing the bells, noting something is wrong, Ikoma taps into his Kabane side and breaks free of his shackles.


Where is the head of the Echigo Mogari army, and how do they feel about what Kuroji did? Also, what kind of Herculean strength does Ikoma have going on to be shot that many times, in point-blank range, and also shot in the leg, and still move? We’ve seen Kabane take a lot of punishment but considering Ikoma isn’t a completely mindless being, how is he surviving right now?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who shot the blood bullet that was the beginning of the end for Kuroji?

Ikoma To The Rescue! | Mumei, Ikoma

Deep in the mines, in the belly of the castle, Mumei finds herself fighting a beast which is as acrobatic as her but the size of a boulder. This being, who keeps up with her fairly well, nearly kills her. But, right before he crushes her body, Ikoma comes out of nowhere and defeats the beast – despite the multitude of injuries he has.



So we’re not going to develop who the villain is much, huh? Should we just assume it is Lord Kageyuki? That’s the guy with the rifle and is leading all the Kabane in the area? Perhaps even has some influence over Kabeneri like Mumei and Ikoma?


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