Title Card - If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Season 1, Episode 3 “The Young Man Heads Out”

We get to see, and learn of, another side to Dale this episode as he is forced to spend 2 weeks away from Latina.

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We get to see, and learn of, another side to Dale this episode as he is forced to spend 2 weeks away from Latina.

Director(s) Yanase Yuuji
Writer(s) Yoshioka Takao
Air Date 7/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lord Gregor ?
Duke Eldstedt ?

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Another Side To Dale: Dale, Gregor

With Dale being an adventurer with some clout, it made the first adventure we saw him on seem simple since they were low-level monsters. That changes in this episode as he heads to the capital, Ausblick, meets with a Lord he is quite close to and joins them on what he calls an assassination. One which, alongside Lord Gregor, he kills multiple people, and demons, who are servants to the demon lord. This is including a demon girl who you may think would give him pause for looking like Latina, but she is killed just like the rest.

Lord Gregor speaking to Dale.

Latina’s Shepherd’s Pie: Latina, Kenneth

While her adopted daddy is murdering her species, Latina is learning how to bake. It’s something for her to do since Dale is away two weeks and Latina looks lonely. Plus, business-wise, Latina is becoming a bit of a mascot. So giving her a reason to be on the floor keeps the regulars not only happy but on their best behavior as well. Making for Kenneth, who is a former adventurer, happy since he doesn’t have to worry about drunken fights and instead can just focus on cooking, cleaning a bit, and enjoying his business.

I’m A Big Kid Now: Latina, Chloe, Rita, Dale

Despite Dale unofficially adopting Latina, there remains a lot he doesn’t know. Be it why she lost her horn, what led to her father dying, where is the rest of her family, as well as her age. Which is 7 going on 8, despite how small she seems. This shocks Rita, but leads to joy from Chloe, since now Latina is expected to go to school. Which for Dale means the next fear every parent has: Will other kids like mine and treat them nice?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • According to Lord Gregor, there have been at least 7 demon lords and being in service of a demon lord seems to enhance their follower’s abilities. Even if they are human.
  • Lord Gregor’s mom is a foreigner and wasn’t the first wife of Duke Eldstedt. Also, he isn’t the firstborn son, so he is quite down the line for any notable things to inherit. So Gregor plans to make a name for himself through combat.
    • Lord Gregor is seeing a woman named Rose.
  • Dragons exist in Dale’s world and, somehow, they are domesticated.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With Latina being 7, so comes the question if she was ever warned about adventurers? Especially since, based on the way Dale talks, it seems many may not seek justifiable reasons for murder. They are just looking for cash or gold.



Another Side To Dale & The Killer Question

The Dale we’ve known is a kid. Someone who comes off sweet, and like the low-level adventurers we usually see. Someone new, but overpowered. However, that small taste of his reputation we got in the first episode gets expanded. On top of that, we see a dark side to him as he noted, human or demon, he’d kill whoever.

Add-in, as noted, him not slowing down when he killed a female demon, maybe only 10 or less years older than Latina, and it forces you to see who Dale is. Be it so he could survive, due to how he was raised, or the persona he takes on because he may very well like it.

Latina In School

While Latina isn’t openly a demon, it is who she is, and with the ability to cast magic, more than likely her going to school with Chloe will have the cat out of the bag. Something which is worth getting excited about for if we’re allowed to see blood and the dark side of Dale, imagine the dark side to children. Ones who have lived under the influence of how bad or evil, demons are. Who may have been raised to see the Demon Lord as the ultimate villain and then discover a demon in their midst. Forcing Latina to not only deal with that perception but Dale too. Since, when it comes to his high paying gigs, likely they all deal with taking out the Demon Lord’s servants. So how he handles kids association Latina with what he fights and kills could be interesting.

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