Shera crying over her murdered brother.

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Diablo may have finally met his match and, on top of that, it seems things are stirring which may finally lead to him leaving Faltra.

Director(s) Yūta Murano
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Air Date 8/23/2018

Keera & the Hydra: Keera, Diablo, Shera

A guardian deity, that is what this Hydra is called. Something forbidden from use because it could destroy the world. Add in nothing like this existed in Cross Reverie, and Diablo is excited. He can toss that scythe and really get into this and after dodging its attacks, he hears from Shera about some crystal which circulates through the monster. Which, since blowing off one of its heads just leads to regeneration, ends up being how he defeats the monster. Not by using that trick he learned in episode 6 from Medios, but using a huge blast, from the monster’s underbelly, and obliterating it.

Which leads to Diablo willing and ready to kill Keera but Shera stops him. Not because it would cause a serious international incident, that Diablo would be on his own for, but because it is her brother. It isn’t clear when things turned south, but it seems he wasn’t always like this and there is hope he’ll return to who he once was again.


The hydra, ready to fight.

Taking note that Takoma seemingly was a guru when it came to Cross Reverie, what does it say that there are new monsters and items appearing? Are these elements deeply embedded in the game’s code that he is triggering with his strength? Hell, are we ever going to get into how the hell he got stuck in this game? It isn’t like Sword Art Online, in terms of this being a VR game with a headset. How did all this happen and why is it there seemingly is an expansion pack installed which is adding new elements to the game?

Also, hypothetically, what would have happened if Diablo killed Keera? Taking note of what we learn in the next topic, and ignoring it for a second, would that mean Diablo being used as a scapegoat despite what Keera did? For it seemed, for a little bit, no one wanted war with the elves and considering they had summons like the hydra, I can imagine them trying to distance themselves from Diablo. So what then would happen?

Backstabber: Diablo, Lord Galford, Keera, Shera

Well, no need to ask that since Lord Galford, under the powers of protecting his city, cuts Keera’s head off. Following that, he talks about seizing the princess and seemingly he is ready for a full on war. However, Diablo fights him off. But, the difference between this fight and what we have seen for most of the humans Diablo goes against is Lord Galford is strong. North of level 120 and he claims he hasn’t been injured in 30 years. However, while fast and dangerous, definitely a match for Diablo, he doesn’t defeat the self-proclaimed demon lord. He does, however, live to fight another day. Something Diablo may need to worry about.


A stand off between Lord Galford and Diablo.

If there is ever a reason for this show to FINALLY leave Faltra, it is the fact Diablo messed up the lord of the city getting to do a massacre. Much less, him showing his hand. With that in mind, how in the world are they safe?

But one big thing I took from this is giving us a clue why the Fallen hate humanity so much. There was no real reason to cut off Keera’s head. He wasn’t trying to do anything beyond kidnap his sister. A crime within itself, but he wasn’t trying to hurt humanity over it. Actually, let me backtrack. Yes, a threat was presented, but during Keera’s time in the city he presented no threat to any human being. Even his flute seemingly could only be heard by elf ears. So why exactly did Lord Galford decide he wanted to seemingly commit mass murder is beyond me. Unless he just miss his glory days and thinks protecting the city is too much of a bore. Perhaps explaining his disposition.

Though, we also have to add in he seemed willing and ready to cover up what he did, and murder everyone who could refute his claims. So here is hoping we aren’t just getting a taste of how corrupt the humans are but this was simply an introduction.

Three Days Later: Diablo, Sylvie

Being that Diablo is a magic user, naturally when his MP is depleted, so is he. Add on Shera is going through her brother being murdered and Rem is trying to console her and it leaves Diablo with some alone time. Which Sylvie interrupts by bringing some alcohol which recovers MP. A nice gesture which goes bad for her. Mostly since it is overestimated how much alcohol Diablo can deal with.

Leading to Sylvie being sexually assaulted. There isn’t any other way to put it. For with Diablo ripping off her clothes and possibly violating her, there is no other way to see this.


Diablo drunk and making Sylvie uncomfortable.

You know, this show already taps the line with most of its sexual content barely having much in the way of consent. The good majority of the Shera’s breasts get grabbed she may have what looks like an orgasm but everything up to that says she is very uncomfortable. But this? Urgh.

And the main reason this bugs me so much is the rest of the episode was so good. We got Diablo into fights that weren’t squash matches and a bit of the dark side of humanity. Yet, this show decides to end this with a rape situation, handled in what seemingly should be taken as comedy, and you know this won’t be brought up again. It will just be something awkward that happened.


  1. Diablo’s fighting people and monsters actually near his level and presenting a compelling fight.

Low Points

  1. That rape scene with Sylvie.

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