How Not To Summon a Demon Lord: Season 1/ Episode 2 “The Strongest Newcomer” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Diablo's faced shocked as he is in a compromising position with Shera and Rem arrived.

As Shera’s backstory is revealed to us, so is the fact this show is hell-bent on making sure you get all the ecchi your heart can desire. Network Crunchyroll Director(s) Yūta Murano Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu Air Date 7/12/2018 Actors Introduced Sylvie Ookubo Rumi IT’S OVER 9000!: Rem, Diablo, Shera, Sylvie In order to begin doing…

As Shera’s backstory is revealed to us, so is the fact this show is hell-bent on making sure you get all the ecchi your heart can desire.

Director(s) Yūta Murano
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Air Date 7/12/2018
Actors Introduced
Sylvie Ookubo Rumi

IT’S OVER 9000!: Rem, Diablo, Shera, Sylvie

In order to begin doing quests, Shera seeks to join the adventurer’s guild of Flatra city. Leading her to learn her level is 30. This is in comparison to Rem being a level 40 summoner and Diablo? Well, in episode 1 he was noted as level 150. Which, based off the way the world works, he may be beyond that.

For, you see, Diablo isn’t stuck in the game similar to Sword Art Online. He is actually in the game and it seems no real-life people, like he was, are in there with him. So everyone’s levels, that came from them fighting, training, and surviving quests and battles. Making it where Diable is probably the strongest for miles.

Which makes things odd for the guild master, a bunny lady, named Sylvie. After all, guild masters should be the strongest but she doesn’t even fit in the same realm as Diablo. But, with him not caring about someone weaker assigning him quest and being his boss, he and Shera are accepted.


Sylvie, the head of the o Flatra City Adventurer’s Guild

So, pretty much we won’t have to worry about Diablo ever having a real fight. Which kind of sucks because, while it is cool him being this real-life coward who masquerades as a real badass, him facing a real challenge would have been quite interesting. Much less, the more which can counterbalance the show’s abundance desire to feature skimpy outfits and Diablo’s new hobby, squeezing breasts, the better.

The Noble Princess: Shera, Rem, Diablo

As their first task, the group are supposed to handle a Mandara Snake in the Man-Eating Woods. The Mage’s Association requested this task as they need the eyes for something. Making it seem we would get quite the exciting first outing right? Well, kind of. We come to an alternative experience which isn’t terrible at all, but not as exciting.

First, we learn Shera has the ability to sense people, alongside there being no teleportation and portals. Following that, we learn Shera is a noble princess. One which is due to be married but she abandoned the throne. Leading to this ambush to get her back for it was assumed, thanks to Galluk, she was enslaved. However, Diablo makes it clear that isn’t the case and Shera reiterates she refuses to come back for the sake of birthing an heir.

Leading to the elves attacking and it all doing nothing to Diablo. In fact, to show his power, he freezes nearly the entire forest. Thus leading to nothing more than Galluk showing he hates demi-humans in general, as maybe do most humans.


Diablo realizing death is permanent in this world.
Diablo: When you die, it’s over.

Okay, taking note this world has a permanent death, Diablo is overpowered, and the culture, pretty much the focus will be building up to Krebskulm being released right? That and Diablo, or Sakamoto, but we’ll just refer to him as Diablo, gaining social kills right? That and of course many ecchi moments of boob grabbing, sexual positions, and skimpy clothes?

God, I hope this becomes more than that. If just because, it has an interesting comedic element balance with rather basic, but still interesting storytelling and world building. For I want to see more of the human discrimination against demi-humans and gain an understanding of how that works and continues. Especially considering how strong a lot of demi-humans seem.

That is, alongside seeing more of this world and understanding, since most don’t have what can be considered high levels, what are the people like who do have them? How do they go up in levels, unless it is how I fathomed earlier? Also, as Diablo becomes known more and more, how will he be seen? Especially with a noble princess and someone like Rem by his side? Plus, with a power so great, will people begin trying to take him down to level up? Will there be specific quests made to kill him? He is, after all, a demon lord.

Call Me Master: Diablo, Shera, Rem

It isn’t necessarily clear whether the relationships on this show may evolve or they will always stay in this weird zone of Diablo feeling up on Shera and Rem, ending up in compromising positions, and that be it. What is clear though is both Shera and Rem have come to a point of relying on Diablo and there is a part of him which kind of wants to take advantage of that. After all, in real life, these possibilities aren’t available. So as much as his mind is telling him no, his hands seem to desire otherwise.

Leading to a harem, a love triangle, and the need to question if this is really worth watching until the end.


Diablo squeezing Shera's breast.

Ecchi of this level, for me, isn’t something I usually watch. Garo – Vanishing Line had its moments, but it wasn’t something which was a huge part of the show. Even, the Monogatari series has a whole lot of ecchi, some of which borders on being creepy, but it isn’t as much as this show has presented in two episodes. So what I’m getting at is, ecchi which is used for comedic effect and to tantalize, should that be considered a negative if the show is okay without it?

In my head, it does serve some kind of purpose in Diablo having to fight between who he is and the character, as well as act as a component of him learning social skills. However, this show goes beyond nose bleeds and skimpy outfits. A good part of the episode was just Diablo fondling Shera’s breast and even causing her to orgasm. And yeah, maybe eventually there may come a cute romance from either Diablo’s relationship with Shera or Rem? Perhaps the more serious stuff will make these ecchi moments just something you deal with but I don’t know. Watching this show, especially without headphones sometimes, just makes me feel dirty.


  1. Shera’s backstory is presented to us.

Low Points

  1. A noticeable portion of the episode focuses purely on Diablo fondling Shera’s breasts.

On The Fence

  1. While the world building and character building isn’t going to make this the top show of the season, maybe not even the genre(s) this show is under, it is good enough for you to forgive the copious amount of ecchi – to a point.

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