All good times have to come to an end, and it seems Sayu’s time away from home is over.

Episode Name Summer Festival
Aired 5/24/2021
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Hodaka Kuramoto
Written By Deko Akao

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Jealousy Is A Nasty Emotion – Mishima, Sayu, Yoshida

With Issa hunting Sayu down like she owes him money, Mishima ends up saving the day by swooping her into a local karaoke bar. Well, at least it originally was a save. As Mishima gets into Sayu’s business, she finds her jealousy starting to rise. Thus leading her jealousy to quickly find itself being split between envy and potentially anger until she calms herself and Yoshida shows up.

Mishima crying
Mishima crying

However, taking note of how Yoshida looks at Sayu as those two leave causes Mishima to become a blubbering mess.

Just A Girl With A Boy – Sayu, Yoshida

Despite the awkwardness that is Mishima, Sayu and Yoshida have a rather good night. One that leads to them discovering a summer festival is coming up, and when they got to it, they talk about Sayu’s future, how things might have been if Yoshida discovered her as an adult, but not the weirdness of the night.

You see, the night includes a lot of blushing. Be it because of Yoshida seeing the back of Sayu’s neck, a sudden hand grab, and just the vibe that they both are entering this gray area that both know they shouldn’t, there is an adjustment to sharing what, for Sayu, is a new experience. Such as her having cotton candy and feeding that to someone.

When The Fun Is Over – Sayu, Yoshida, Issa

But, despite the shift in the wind, nothing happens. However, with Issa tracking down Sayu to Yoshida’s residence, so comes the question if the fear many had will come to pass? Will someone discovering high school-aged Sayu in Yoshida’s home lead to legal and criminal ramifications?

Commentary/ Review

Wondering How Issa Will Deal With Yoshida

Issa showing up to Yoshida's door
Issa showing up to Yoshida’s door

Both Yoshida and Sayu were repeatedly warned of what could happen if the wrong, or someone not that understanding, discovered they lived with one another. Luckily for both, whether they were told or discovered the living arrangement, they kept their mouths shut. However, Issa has every reason and right to press Yoshida and perhaps have him arrested.

Granted, all Yoshida has done is be like an older brother, but it isn’t like Yoshida is some college kid. He has years at his job, likely went to college and graduated, and is well aware of the ramifications of what he has done. So now we’re left to wonder if Issa just cares about getting his sister back or if her, maybe even his and Sayu’s parents, may want to take this further?

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved And Took In A High School Runaway Directory

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Sayu blushing
Higehiro: Season 1/ Episode 8 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Climbing
With Issa's brother tracking down Sayu to Yoshida's home, it makes the mind race about what could come next and brings some much-needed excitement to Higehiro.
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Wondering How Issa Will Deal With Yoshida
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