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Higehiro: Season 1/ Episode 10 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

As the days draw near to when Sayu is expected to go home, many question, even Yoshida himself, whether he should join her in Hokkaido.

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Episode NameProof
Directed ByAya Kobayashi
Written ByYūsuke Kaneko

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More Backstory & A Apology – Issa, Yoshida

On his way home, Yoshida encounters Issa, and Issa decides to apologize and flesh out the full story of why Sayu’s mother and Sayu don’t get along. The reason: Sayu’s Father. He was on his way out around the time Sayu’s mother was pregnant, and he wanted an abortion. However, Sayu’s Mother figured that having Sayu would lead to the father having second thoughts but with him already moving on to another woman, Sayu’s mother was devasted.

In fact, she looked at Sayu as a showing that Sayu’s father didn’t love her, and thus the pain and attitude from that rejection was passed onto Sayu – hence their relationship.

So, You Going To Follow Her? – Mishima, Hashimoto, Yoshida

With being days away from Sayu leaving, Mishima and Hashimoto question whether Yoshida may go with her. Mind you, not go with her, as in with Issa, and make sure she gets home okay – it’s implied they think he should move his whole life to be near to her. Why? Well, because he is starting to revert to how he formally was and is avoiding dealing with her leaving. Plus, when it comes to Hashimoto, he sees Yoshida deeply cares, and while he recognizes Yoshida shouldn’t get involved in family drama, at the same time, he has damn near become family.

I’ll Be There – Yoshida, Sayu

But, despite their words, the decision ultimately lies with Yoshida, who, after some contemplation, and a scare caused by Sayu’s phone dying when she was trying to visit Yoshida’s workplace, says he’ll go to Hokkaido. Now, to do what exactly? That’s unknown. But considering a mutual feeling of closeness, and Yoshida being the closest thing to a father figure Sayu has had since her brother acts as he should, it seems neither are able to, as of now, separate as many would once say they should.

Commentary/ Review


More Background

Understanding why Sayu’s mother has a distaste for Sayu was helpful. It, in a way, humanized her for while it is terrible she transferred her grief of a loss relationship into a form of indifference towards her child, you get it. Sayu’s purpose to her mother was to heal a relationship on its deathbed, and it didn’t work. Now she has a child, which may look far more like her dad, to remind you of the relationship you lost, and with seemingly no one new in Sayu’s life to play the role of the father, it seems safe to assume Sayu’s mom never moved past her dad.

So the healing process seemingly has never begun.

On The Fence

This Push To Not Just Be In Sayu’s Life, But Yoshida To Move To Hokkaido is Weird

As Mishima said, Yoshida and Sayu’s arrangement was weird from the start and it getting weirder isn’t necessarily a big deal considering what has already been established. However, the idea of this man picking up his life and moving to Hokkaido to be close to Sayu is hard to fathom. For one, while appreciative of him taking care of his younger sister, why would Issa be okay with Yoshida following her home?

Granted, Yoshida and Sayu said that nothing is going on but, they could lie. Never mind Sayu’s mother could still very well press charges considering he housed her minor child. Plus, considering how potentially spiteful she can be and her need to save face, the idea her daughter was kidnapped, if not seduced, would allow her to explain why she said her daughter was a shut-in. It would be an excuse since she couldn’t tell the truth about what really was going down.

But, let’s be real, if Yoshida does go, none of this drama is likely to happen. He may get the side-eye and a few questions, but nothing serious.

Yoshida and Sayu looking at one another
Higehiro: Season 1/ Episode 10 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Can you believe there are three episodes left? I’m not sure about you but, unless Sayu’s mom really puts on a performance, it might be a long three episodes. For right now, things are moving slow but steady, with very little to get excited about.
More Background
Low Points/ On The Fence
This Push To Not Just Be In Sayu’s Life, But Yoshida To Move To Hokkaido is Weird

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