Episode 9: How To Rest


Not much at all happens in this episode but it does point toward where some of the final episodes shall deal with.

Episode Summary (with Commentary)

It’s a day off for everyone so most of the episode just features people doing what relaxes them. However, towards the end of it we learn that with the of goblins of Damuro are getting privy to human tactics, so Haruhiro and team have to switch up their hunting grounds. Leading to the idea of going to Cyrene Mine, the place where Mary lost most of her team. An idea which leads me to believe that the final episodes will deal with Mary getting closure and that will be it.

Things To Note

Haruhiro goes back to his sensei to train and she questions why he doesn’t get with one of the females in his party and it seems he may like one, but he changes the subject.

It seems that, eventually, the party may split as they now make enough to have nicer dwellings. For example, Mary may talk to Yume and Shihoru about living in her women’s only dwelling.

Low Points

With most of the episode showing characters feed birds, fish, and not do much at all which progresses the story, it made this fill like a filler episode.

While we get to see Haruhiro train with his sensei, we haven’t had the same opportunity to see the others train.

As time goes on, it seems all the focus is being honed in on Haruhiro and while he makes a decent lead, I wish to learn more about the others and it seems that may not happen anymore.

On The Fence

A part of me wishes the show had the cast venture out more. For the most part, we have only seen their home, the market, some of the forest area, and Damuro. So with the name dropping going on, and this war seldom spoken about, it makes the reminder that we have only been introduced to a fraction of their world a tad bit infuriating. Yet, at the same time, who knows if the show could have balanced the character development we have had with exploration well.

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