Episode 6: Her Circumstances


In episode 6, “Her Circumstances” we are given some background on Mary which largely is predictable, yet with Haruhiro trying to understand her comes him realizing that she isn’t the only one he may need to focus on if their party is going to survive.

Trigger Warning(s): Blood

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Love Is a Mystery (Haruhiro, Yume, Shihoru, and Ranta)

Though it is only a blip within the episode, I think it is worth noting that Shihoru apologizes for the awkwardness of thinking Yume and Haruhiro were having a private couple moment. If only because it stirs up Ranta and pushes the idea that despite him always calling her flat-chested, perhaps he does have feelings for her. Heck, in general, it seems that Ranta perhaps wants a relationship but is too much of a pinhead to be likable. After all, even though he doesn’t seem that fond of Mary, or her of him, the prospect of maybe them being together one day seems to be something he could become fine with.

Topic 2: What Mary Reveals (Haruhiro & Mary)

In order to survive, the whole party has to function as a whole, and it seems as Haruhiro tries his hardest to understand Mary, he neglects the problems with everyone else. For example, Moguzo, and the rest of the team if we are honest, aren’t properly geared to be going against these goblins. Yes, they all have swords, which they use as both a weapon and shield, but what about helmets, better body armor, and other protection? Things which you think would have been addressed before, but as we get to know more about Mary’s past, we get to understand the problems this party could potential have, and why she acts as she does.

Topic 3: What Is Revealed About Mary (Haruhiro & Mary)

When we learn Mary’s background, honestly it is quite predictable. A long time ago Mary was a happy go lucky girl, and pretty much similar to Manato minus the leadership role. However, unlike Manato, when her party got too confident when it came to hunting, not only were they not fighting goblins, but three of them died. Then, to make matters worse, part of the reason is because Mary used up her magic.

With this background we now understand why Mary is very conservative with her magic, much less getting involved. It isn’t because she doesn’t want to help, or see her party get hurt, but because she has in the past used her magic for minor scrapes and bruises, and exhausted her talents. Also, she formerly would be like Manato and use her staff and get physical, but this again led to her over exerting herself and perhaps creating the dependency she saw in Haruhiro’s party. So, rather than try to be a warrior class, Thief, as well as priest, in terms of fighting style, she is just a priest and maybe may cross over in cases where it is necessary, like when it seemed their team may end up ambushed.

But with all this known now, you have to wonder if this may change anything? Much less, how will Mary react to her former party member, Hayashi, revealing what happened? She is already impersonal and standoffish, so how will she react to Haruhiro digging into her business?


Haruhiro Becoming a Smarter Leader: Though he is rather hesitant on seriously taking on the role, I feel like this episode it really hits him that he has to. For between his own observations, like the Moguzo helmet situation, to learning Mary’s background, it becomes clear that if his party is to truly thrive in their element, they can’t keep on the same course of being amateurs. They must prep better, hone their skills, and recognize what everyone’s specialty and talents are. Otherwise, they will end up losing more than just one member, and perhaps collapse as a party.

Low Points

A Predictable Back Story: Mary’s backstory is very Hackneyed (my new favorite word) and pretty much in the last episode it was clear that she had some sort of sordid and morbid past. Hence her not wanting to reveal anything personal, not over exert herself, and etc. Which isn’t to say that things would have been better if the series decided to say mum on the topic, but I just feel like there could have been some sort of oomph given which could have made this storyline stand out.

On The Fence

Should Relationships Even Be a Topic: Being that this show doesn’t have much in the way of direction, besides surviving, it does lead you to wonder what plots maybe developed? Which, as of now, the only plot or arcing story is Manato’s death and these relationship sparks. Of which, as of now, only Yume and Haruhiro’s exist, with perhaps Ranta also crushing on Yume as well. But considering the nature of this show, which can go from action packed to slice of life, to having some low key drama, would developing romantic relationships be a good idea? Even with there now being an equal number of male and females within the party?

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