Episode 4: Sky Dancing with Ash


From the beginning we knew this show had the type of cast which was highly reliant on each other. After all, together they have forged a functional family. But with them having to kill or be killed to survive, so comes the question of what would happen if one day they truly got over their heads. Well, the answer comes in episode 4 “Sky Dancing with Ash.”

Trigger Warning(s): Blood

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Just A Touch of Love (Shihoru and Manato)

The episode heavily cuts your usual dose of just seeing the cast live their lives, and just features Shihoru and Manato walking back from the market together. Which, at first, is not much to really note, but then comes him feeding animals and him encouraging her to do it to. Then, with her slipping, due to fear of some pigeons, he catches her in his arms and the blushing begins. Really leading you to wonder when will she or he say something, because they are just far too cute.

Topic 2: One Cohesive Unit (Everyone)

After half a day of slaying goblins, and really working well as one cohesive unit, during lunch everyone just relaxes and just starts talking. It begins with Yume talking about her Hunting god which she calls Dear Elhit, and then moves on to almost universal compliments. For if it isn’t about Yume’s bravery, it is about the combat skills of Moguzo and Ranta. Then there is Shihoru’s awareness of their environment, and her getting Shadow magic to help people fight, and the conversation as a whole leaves everyone in a good place. Unfortunately though, while in a place of bliss, many become a bit complacent, but no one more than Manato. Someone who Haruhiro saves, at first, but as everyone tries to retreat from a goblin ambush, an arrow hits Manato in the dead center of his spine.

Topic 3: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye (Haruhiro)

With Manato being the leader, and the knot which binded everyone together, so comes the question of what life maybe like with him gone? After all, he was the mature one, the one which believed in them and saved them from possible death. Yet now, he is gone. The arrow in the back was fatal and even when Manato was taken to his guild and there were hopes the priest there could use his powers on him, ultimately nothing could be done.

For while we have seen Manato heal all kinds of wounds, it seems death is eternal and not simply a status which can be changed. Though, to make matters worse, Manato has to be cremated. So there is no real funeral or even gravesite to visit. He is to be burned and his ashes gone to the wind, or else there is the possibility that within three days he will rise again as a servant to the No Life King.

Naturally, being that part of the reason Manato died was Harihiro, he is the one perhaps freaking out the most. But alongside him is Shihoru who is fully breaking down in Yume’s arms. Leaving us with watching Manato’s ashes scattered into the winds, and perhaps the people who Haruhiro and the others came to this world with watching on.


Who Is Who & What Makes Them Unique: Even a few episodes in, I’m struggling to remember who is who. Making almost every episode featuring the show going out of its way, almost unnaturally sometimes, repeating names and giving reasons why this person or that person is unique, a blessing.

Setup Them Up and Knock Them Down: Between showing Manato with Shihoru, then having this really cute moment of the team complimenting how each one is essential to each other’s survival, you couldn’t have asked for a better way to setup Manato’s death. Mind you, personally, I didn’t shed tears, but there was a bit of sadness and quite the shock.

Is That The Other Group?: There has been this constant question in my head of where did the more elite group go and what have they been doing? Well, assuming we did get a glimpse of them at the would-be funeral for Manato, we may just find out.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Will Haruhiro get blamed harshly, or at all, for Manato’s death?

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