Episode 3: Are Goblin Pouches Filled With Our Dreams?


A pattern is forming from what it seems. One in which we should expect one bit of action, one bit of shopping and eating, the oddness of young people with hormones, and a reminder that these people couldn’t survive without one another.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Crushes and Flirting (Haruhizo, Yume, and Shihrou)

With everyone being young, perhaps a bit lonely in their own way, and of course having certain urges, naturally there is a bit of feelings for one another floating around. Thing is, who likes who and is it reciprocated? For example, it seems Yume may have a crush on Haruhizo, based on her not feeling too awful about the idea of her peaking in on her. I mean, she would still find it wrong, but better than if Ranta did it. Then, when it comes to Shihrou, its obvious she has some sort of crush on Manato, but between her insecurities, and just being shy, it is hard for her to talk to him. Now, as for whether or not Yume has feelings for him as well? I don’t think so. Be it because she sees Shihrou does, or just because she straight up doesn’t. Oh, and in terms of Ranta? Well, I think like the pre-teen he acts like, he just wants to see some naked girls.

Topic 2: A New Area and More Kills (Ranta)

Being that hunting in the forest isn’t doing the group much good, and doesn’t lead to consistent kills, they decide to move to an area named Damuro. A place which seemingly humans once inhabited, but between just flat-out abandoning it, due to war perhaps, or being ran out by goblins, it seems the inner most part of it has become a big time goblin base. Making for the outskirts a safe place for our heroes to hunt, and Ranta to rank up more kills.

All of which lead to a bit more time watching everyone shop, with underwear being one of the big things on people’s list, and a few dull moments which, unlike the last episode, I’m learning to appreciate.

Topic 3: The Continuous Question Of Who Everyone Once Was (Manato and Moguzo)

With everything said and done which doesn’t deal with fighting, so comes us getting to know these characters more and more. For example, as we know, in the compound the characters live in there are rotating chores. One of which is cooking. Moguzo, the big burly guy, despite it not being his turn, often can be found doing the cooking. Leading to the idea that maybe in his former life, that is what he did.

Then, when it comes to Manato, he speaks to Haruhiro almost as if he can’t believe he has friends and is maintaining a healthy relationship with them. Making you wonder what kind of person was he like in the other world and pushing you to really think about how everyone was in their past life. Much less, will we ever see them be able to return to such a life?


Growing To Appreciate The Quiet Times: I found myself this episode accepting the sort of “Slice of Life” moments the show has, as opposed to the last episode. Perhaps because, I truly do like these characters. Granted, I still refer to the review of the first episode to know some of their names but nonetheless I am growing to enjoy just seeing them enjoy life.

I Can Accept The Formula: A few goblin kills, Ranta being a unapologetic perv, spending money, Haruhiro having a nice friendly chat with someone. Call it a formula, how most anime like this work, or something in between, but either way I’m digging it.

Low Points

Where Is This Show Going: At this point, I’m trying to figure out what the goal is here? Is this show just about them surviving, eventually about joining the big time war, maybe going back to their real lives, or what?

On The Fence

Romantic Entanglements: Though I’m very interesting to see where all these possible crushes may go, at the same time we have been given so little from each character that I honestly don’t get my usual desires to ship so-and-so to someone else. Everyone, even after 3 episodes, feels mostly like a blank slate. Granted, I can pick an adjective for everyone, such as Shihrou being she, Yume awkward, Manato kind and mature, Ranta a possibly psychopathic perv, Moguzo a mix between Manato and Shihoru, and Haruhizo a bit of a mystery, but even with a few adjective for everyone it just doesn’t seem like we have any fleshed out characters. And while I care enough about them to worry about their survival, I don’t think I care about them enough, yet, to care about who they have feelings for.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

How do they afford that compound? Which I think they are the sole people living in.

Things To Note

It’s been 23 days since they came to Ortana.

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