After the death scare, it seems Goblin Slayer decides to open up a bit to Onna and we get to see him slay a different kind of monster.

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After the death scare, it seems Goblin Slayer decides to open up a bit to Onna and we get to see him slay a different kind of monster.

Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 11/24/2018

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A Pleasant Awakening: Goblin Slayer, Sword Maiden, Onna

After a strange nightmare in which a shaman goblin is seemingly talking to the Goblin Slayer, as a child, he awakens to a nude Onna being beside him. Why? Well, it seems she has the powers of resurrection and said spell only works when you sleep with a virgin. That isn’t the most awkward part though. The Sword Maiden walks in and notes she too slept with Goblin Slayer and makes the situation more awkward.

Well, awkward for the viewer. Goblin Slayer seemingly gives 0 f***s about the Sword Maiden’s erect nipples, her coming onto him, and whatever game she is playing. It isn’t clear if it is because he is strictly about that goblin killing life or he isn’t taking her seriously. Either way, it seems she gets the hint soon enough.


Sword Maiden asking for help from Goblin Slayer.
Sword Maiden: Will you help me?

What is with the Sword-Maiden and Goblin Slayer? She said some eyebrow-raising things to Oona in the last episode, slept with him despite not being a virgin – meaning it wouldn’t help things, and now is hitting on him. Is she just a lonely woman who is a bit lustful? Maybe jealous that Onna gets to travel with him? Because, while there was a slight belief maybe her warning Onna was just about survival, considering the way she acted, nipples hard, and all that, something now seems very off about the Sword-Maiden.

Quality Time With Friends: Onna, Goblin Slayer

After Onna gets dressed and deals with the embarrassment that the Goblin Slayer saw her naked, she, alongside the rest, eat and split off. Leading to Onna and Goblin Slayer getting armor fixed and having ice cream. An act which leads to him opening up and talking about how scared he was of the ground swallowing him up as a child. Also, he thanks Onna for being there for him and, overall, it is just a series of moments of him showing how much he appreciates her in his life. Even to the point of changing how he talks to appease her.


Onna explaining why she is getting her old chain-mail fixed.
Onna: Because… this is the first thing you ever complimented me on.

I think there is a need to note that Goblin Slayer might not be as cool as he often seems to be. He may not be flipping out every time a woman touches him, but I think he does find certain people’s attention flattering and something he wants consistently in his life. Hence his relationship with Onna blossoming and him liking the routines he and Ushikai have when he is back home. Heck, it also explains why he is slowly warming up to Yousei. For while romance may be the furthest thing on his mind, he does value companionship.

Yet, I do believe, when it comes to the likes of the Sword-Maiden, he can see through people’s BS. Hence why he paid her no mind despite her advances. Much less, when she brought up the idea of talking about how she was defiled, he gave her a hard pass.

A New Enemy & Workaround Of The Rules: Goblin Slayer, Tokage, Onna, Majo

It isn’t clear what Goblin Slayer’s relationship with Majo is, but it seems they are cool enough for her to do him favors. That is, even when she isn’t being paid for it. Hence her using one of the swordsmen to bring fine flour to the city. Something no one understands the purpose of until they come across this floating eye creature which shoots laser beams.

Long story short, the flower, combined with Onna’s sealing spell, causes an explosion Tokage’s summon beast is attacked. Thus giving Goblin slayer a workaround against Onna’s no water, fire, or poison rule. Yet, with a refracting mirror surviving the blast, so comes the question of what is that thing?


The cast staring at the mirror the eye creature was protecting.

I hope this mirror connects to the bigger issue of the Demon Lord resurrecting. Not that I don’t love seeing goblins being slain and seeing them evolve, but can this show make them that more dangerous without addressing the elephant in the room? After all, wasn’t the whole point of Tokage and etc about getting the Goblin Slayer to help their council? Surely, at this point, they have won his trust right? They can’t stick around to kill a bunch of goblins forever. Aren’t they meant to become the ones who slay the demon lord? Is that not why, unless she is just a weirdo, the Sword-Maiden seems so attracted to Goblin Slayer? Can she not see what is in her future and maybe wants to experience a pulse-pounding battle again?

Though, with how weird she is coming off, maybe she wants to experience sex with a goblin again. Making his proximity to them, the smell of them, perhaps a turn on. I’m just saying, the show has exhibited it can be a little screwed up so you never know.


  1. Goblin Slayer’s face almost seen in full and him opening up to Onna.

Low Points

  1. Any and all fear of Onna or Goblin Slayer being seriously wounded, to the point of not healing, maybe dying, was quickly squashed. Making it so it’ll be hard to believe they are in danger ever again.

On The Fence

  1. The Sword Maiden is weirding me out in ways that make me think she is going to be a liability very soon. Maybe the reason why goblins exist under the temple.

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  1. No, they don’t mean to kill the Demon Lord, it’s a job for the Hero girl, the Platinum-level adventurer from the beginning of Episode 6 (and she already dealt with it off-screen). Dwarf, Lizardman and Elf were specifically seconded to deal with goblins, these foot soldiers of Chaos.
    And this adaptation misses a lot of explanations (for example, Sword Maiden was laying in bed with them because she is able to cast the Resurrection miracle, but she isn’t a virgin so she needs a conduit for this heaven power, and Priestess was used as this conduit).

  2. It was an interesting episode in that it raised quite a number questions about the characters. At the same time, I really liked how it continued to show the developing relationship between Priestess and Goblin Slayer and his workaround the no fire rule was fantastic to watch. That was one of those moments where reading it was one thing, seeing it animated was much better.

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