Goblin Slayer Season 1 Episode 4 The Strong - Title card
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Yousei learns that adventures aren’t always about fun and new experiences but sometimes blood, guts, and death.

Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 10/27/2018

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What Adventures Are Really Like: Onna, Goblin Slayer, Tokage, Kouhito, Yousei

For some reason, maybe it is an elf thing, Yousei seemed to think adventures, perhaps quests as well, were all fun and games. This 2000-year-old being, who has been a scout, ranger, what have you, for who knows how long thought adventures were just a good old time. Well, Goblin Slayer basically said:

For on top of seeing a fellow elf who became a goblin plaything, she had to murder at least a half dozen, or more, goblins in cold blood. For between a spell Onna cast and Kouhito using his wine to put them asleep, most of them were killed with ease.

However, one who didn’t go down so easily was an ogre. Someone who whooped everyone’s ass and made it seem, silver or not, these people aren’t ready to be representatives for their species. Luckily for them, after Goblin Slayer gets knocked out and is probably dealing with some internal bleeding, he uses a scroll that Majo gave him to turn the tide and defeat the ogre. In a slightly gruesome way.


Yousei vomiting into her hand.

I am starting to feel like I misjudged this anime. It may just end up like many a show which was really violent at first, and that hooks you, but you jump off the line when you realize that is all it has. For at this point I’m used to women being left in some type of desecrated display. I need something new. Like, how about some kind of story?

It’s established there is a demon lord out there and their strength grows by the day, how about developing that? How about these characters? What’s Onna’s backstory? How about Yousei, Kouhito, or Tokage? Once again we got some idea of how humans thought the world came to be, up the need to take note of that a bit. Just do something beyond thinking violence against female characters and violent deaths is all the show needs.

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On The Fence

  1. The luster of this show being violent is gone for now it is just relying on the shock value of women being brutalized. Yet, with us seeing Goblin Slayer actually getting knocked around, it seems we may actually get some interesting back and forth out of this show.

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