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TV Series Anime Gleipnir: Season 1 Episode 6 “Gatherers” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

Gleipnir: Season 1 Episode 6 “Gatherers” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

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Thanks to a little blackmail, Clair finds a group of gatherers that might have some information. However, the initiation process is a bit uncomfortable – even for her.

Directed ByYoneda Kazuhiro
Written ByInotsume Shin`ichi
Aired (Funimation)5/10/2020
Introduced This Episode
IkeuchiChiba Shouya
YoshiokaIchinose Kana
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This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Hello Everyone – Ikeuchi, Clair, Shuichi, Yoshioka

Because Clair’s moral compass is funny, she finds the perfect person to use in order to gather information: Ikeuchi. Someone who, when they transform, turn into a CTV camera, which raises a few red flags, but seems unthreatening. Well, at least at first. For while Clair initiates a pact with the leader of Ikeuchi’s group, another member, Yoshioka, she fawns over Shuichi – mostly due to his outfit. Leading to massive jealousy and when the two walk off, to help Yoshioka find her wallet, Ikeuchi follows.

Ikeuchi (Chiba Shouya) in both human and monster form.
Ikeuchi (Chiba Shouya)

The Ceremony – Clair

So, about this ceremony, at first, it seems like the leader, whose name isn’t said, nor translated, naturally, has to have sex with you first. For with her taking off her bra, feeling on Clair, even about to finger her, things get weird. However, the truth is, the leader just liked Clair and wanted something physical between them.

Which, by the way, Clair isn’t necessarily against, but she doesn’t know this girl. All she knows is that the leader had a sexual relationship with her teacher, told a friend, and likely the friend told someone else. Thus leading to the teacher hanging themselves. Also, we’re told that when it comes to powers, if you are specific, you don’t end up weird or disfigured when you transform. The leader, for example, wanted a means to punish people who told secrets so, the initiation is a necklace of her hair being put around your neck and, if you reveal something, it cuts your head off.

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For Clair, this isn’t a bad deal, especially since the leader knows her sister, and she wants that information. As for Shuichi, being that Clair is the one officially joining, it seems he isn’t held to what is required.

Jealousy & More Gatherers – Yoshioka, Shuichi, Ikeuchi

With that said, as Ikeuchi watches Shuichi and Yoshioka look for her wallet, there comes a point Shuichi wants to venture on his own, but Yoshioka won’t let him. Thus she gets naked and goes inside him, with Ikeuchi watching and getting majorly pissed. Though that might be the least of his problems as another gatherer group finds Yoshioka’s wallet. Meaning, as the show has almost stuck to, every other episode deals with either meeting someone or a notable fight, and it might be time to see some ass get kicked.


Pressing Forward Quickly

One of the things we realize we need to get into is manga. The reason being, shows like this are announced way ahead of time, and manga isn’t like a normal book. It isn’t just countless lines and, if you’re lucky, a picture here or there. It’s a comic book or graphic novel, assuming they are synonymous in a way.

So, with that said, it does feel like we’re racing through things a bit, but considering the show does an episode of getting to know people, and then one dedicated to action, I’m for it. I mean, taking note of the last episode, sometimes it does both, but usually, there is one episode just about introductions or developing relationships, and then notable fights in the next episode.

Making the fact we now have two groups, and one dead gatherer, exciting since it means the show might escalate its battles a bit.

Yoshioka and Shuichi Seem Like They Could Be Cute Together

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Yoshioka (Ichinose Kana) in monster form.
Yoshioka (Ichinose Kana)

“Gleipnir” isn’t a romance, though it has some cute, lovey-dovey elements to it. But, even with that said, I’m shipping Yoshioka and Shuichi low key. Yeah, him and Clair are cute, but Clair, despite being younger, is more mature than Shuichi? And not in a, she seems so much more adult than him, but the trauma she has experienced forced her to grow up and numb herself. Something that Shuichi still hasn’t adjusted to much, and may never do so, so they don’t seem like a romantic match. If anything, he seems like the big brother she has a close, slightly odd, relationship with.


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