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GATE: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 22: The Empress in Slave’s Clothing

The stakes remain high as Zolzal, and Tyuule, continue to push the limits of their power with the Oprichnina law. However, with the SDF on baited breath for the order to proceed, Zolzal maybe in for a rude awakening. Also, while the possibility of war once more is on the horizon, Lelei is still troubled by possible attempts on her life coming from all directions.

Episode Summary (with Commentary)

Things remain grim when it comes to maintaining peace between Japan and the empire. Zolzal, if not Tyuule, continue to send soldiers to assault the Jade Palace, Princess Pina gets locked up, and by the end of the episode the Japanese military are on their way to reinforce the Jade Palace. Meaning, likely within the next two episodes, once again the SDF and the Empire will be facing off in battle. Which likely is going to lead to a massacre and a tainted perception of the SDF. That is, unless Zolzal takes the blame for it or the SDF give Zolzal’s soldiers the chance to retreat.

But while Pina is imprisoned and the Jade Palace is under attack, Lelei continues to deal with assassins. Of which Shandy, Pina’s soldier who seems a bit too fragile to do much, ends up being one of them. Now, it should be noted that she claims to not be under the influence of the Pied Piper, but more so because she wants the mistreatment of Pina to end. So, in her thought process, bringing Lelei’s head to Zolzal would show Pina’s loyalty. Problem with that is, Shandy fails. However, with Lelei unable to obtain her master’s title under the debacle is over, despite the judges being impressed by her paper, it seems Itami shall head back toward the empire. But as for what he may do? Well, Shandy’s associate Knight Vice Commander Grey pretty much is calling for Zolzal’s death as the only solution. Which is something that seems drastic, but perhaps the only real solution if he can’t be subdued.

Things To Note

  • Princess Pina ends up in the room Tyuule was imprisoned.
  • At the Jade Palace, it is Pina’s 300 knights vs. Zolzal’s 1000 soldiers and the knights are holding up well, but are running low in food.


  • We finally close the chapter on Lelei’s storyline and are having Itami head back to partake in the main storyline.
  • With Princess Pina imprisoned, it pushes the idea that maybe that old theory of the people rising up and pushing for her to become their queen may happen.
  • Shandy’s attempt at assassinating Lelei pushes the idea that it isn’t just the Pied Piper who the group may need to worry about. For who knows who else maybe desperate for peace and may end up betraying Itami’s group, or the SDF, to obtain it.

Low Points

  • I still find it hard to believe Tyuule is allowed to wield all this power and people, well outside of Princess Pina, say hardly anything to her. Granted, she is Zolzal’s representative, but considering how much the humans of their world seem to have been discriminatory against anthropomorphic animals, it is surprising no one questions her place and doesn’t try to speak directly to Zolzal.

On The Fence

  • While the storyline isn’t necessarily crippled without them, I do wonder about Itami’s original team and how they are doing.

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Karandi January 22, 2018 - 2:33 PM

I really wish there was another season of GATE for the simple reason that I’d like them to actually bring the conflict to a conclusion. I know there are issues with the story, but I was enjoying it and it just kind of left me hanging and that kind of takes the rewatch fun out of it.

Amari Sali January 22, 2018 - 2:53 PM

There needs to at least be a ova, if not a full movie. This was the first show I saw go past 12 episodes and I honestly could have been cool with it going on forever.

Karandi January 22, 2018 - 2:55 PM

The first season kind of reminded me of Stargate and realisatically, I’d have happily sat through 10 seasons of this. It is just kind easy watching.

Amari Sali January 22, 2018 - 3:00 PM

And, in retrospect, it strangely was able to balance all the genres it touched on. Yes, there was a bit of ecchi, but the sci-fi/ fantasy elements were on point. Also, it had these rather epic action scenes, especially with the Red Dragon. Not to forget quality character interaction, relationships, and growth.

Karandi January 22, 2018 - 3:05 PM

I also loved the soundtrack at times. But yeah, the character interactions were what made the show really enjoyable. Even when the story didn’t quite word as well as it should the characters carried it for me.

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