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GATE: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 13: The Banquet Begins


Community Rating: 66.78% (2)


GATE returns and places us within days of the negotiation between the empire and Japan. Something which will increasingly become complicated as the members of the royal family weigh in on working with the SDF.

Trigger Warning(s): Sexual Abuse

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Making Friends and Trying to Prevent Enemies – Part 1 (Izumi, Princess Pina, and Zolzal)

As the Prime minister of Japan wonders what he can reveal about the special region to an ever increasing populace, Izumi, alongside Sugawara, are trying their best to increase their support among the senate. A task which doesn’t at all seem daunting for between Sugawara’s charm among the senator’s families to Izumi showing off the SDF’s weaponry, it seems gaining support won’t be hard.

However, while Princess Pina works on the side of the SDF and attempts to broker peace, it seems between her father, a man named Count Marx, as well as her brother Zolal, they won’t let peace come easy. For both Count Marx and the emperor don’t support the idea of surrender, nor giving up a single bit of land or a single gold piece. Something which isn’t going to fly with Japan who already are bringing the topic of reparations to the negotiating table. But, being that Zolal tastes food from Japan and enjoys it, maybe things could change?

Topic 2: Making Friends and Trying to Prevent Enemies – Part 1 (Kurokawa)

Within the capitals red light district, one can find many a humanoid being doing sex work. Making Kurokawa, and the SDF, opening a clinic a god send. Especially because they give out condoms. Leading to the meeting of Misery, a type of angel or bird humanoid who seems to build a nice relationship with Kurokawa. One which can be of use possibly for while Misery herself seemingly is still a sex worker, arguably she maybe one of the leaders of the sex workers. And while the SDF have pretty much wiped out the few gangs that could oppose them, and the gangs left alive have no issue sharing information they pick up, there is one thing they may not know.

Said thing being? Zolal’s taste for humanoids sexually. Which if it was for love, or company, that would be one thing. However, considering how violent the sex is he has with a young bunny hybrid named Tyuule, arguably the SDF may find quite a strong ally in the humanoids. For between information, local loyalty, and maybe loyalty from their homelands, they are making quite a healthy network of support.

Topic 3: EARTHQUAKE! (Everyone)

Perhaps the first showing of how this loyalty maybe beneficial is because the humanoids, especially the bird like ones, sense an earthquake. An event which has terrible timing since it is within days of the peace negotiations. Almost leading you to wonder if this earthquake is a natural event, or if perhaps the emperor may have caused it. For, being that we haven’t really gotten to know how strong the emperor’s power truly is, who knows what mages, among other fantasy beings, he may have at his command.


When the last season, or episode, depending which source you use, ended, I was hoping this show would turn to the political aspects which needed to be addressed, and thankfully it did. For between the emperor not wanting to budge, the senators fearing the power of the SDF, Sugaware presenting the notion that Japan wants excessive reparations, and of course the nations outside of Japan, there is a lot which could potentially go on of interest.

Even with him being an ass, and an abuser, I must admit I’m interested in where Zolal’s family will go. For between his father and sister’s opposing ambitions, and of course his own when it comes to ascending to the throne, you have to wonder which side may he land on? Much less, if the SDF decide to work with him, how will that work with their relationship with Misery and her peers?

Low Points

With how sinister America, and other nations, seemed toward Japan having exclusive rights to work within the special region, I was hoping for an appearance from them. There are future episodes to expect this from though.

On The Fence

I must admit that Yao, the dark elf, sort of seems like an afterthought considering everything else which is going on. However, I do feel that she presents an opportunity to continue to see this foreign world as Itami’s team, or Sugaware’s, continue with the negotiations and political aspect of the show.

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Karandi January 22, 2018 - 2:33 PM

I really wish there was another season of GATE for the simple reason that I’d like them to actually bring the conflict to a conclusion. I know there are issues with the story, but I was enjoying it and it just kind of left me hanging and that kind of takes the rewatch fun out of it.

Amari Sali January 22, 2018 - 2:53 PM

There needs to at least be a ova, if not a full movie. This was the first show I saw go past 12 episodes and I honestly could have been cool with it going on forever.

Karandi January 22, 2018 - 2:55 PM

The first season kind of reminded me of Stargate and realisatically, I’d have happily sat through 10 seasons of this. It is just kind easy watching.

Amari Sali January 22, 2018 - 3:00 PM

And, in retrospect, it strangely was able to balance all the genres it touched on. Yes, there was a bit of ecchi, but the sci-fi/ fantasy elements were on point. Also, it had these rather epic action scenes, especially with the Red Dragon. Not to forget quality character interaction, relationships, and growth.

Karandi January 22, 2018 - 3:05 PM

I also loved the soundtrack at times. But yeah, the character interactions were what made the show really enjoyable. Even when the story didn’t quite word as well as it should the characters carried it for me.

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