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GATE: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 11: Visitor


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Everyone has returned to the special region, and now the focus is forging peace between Japan and the empire. Though, for those who are native to the special region, a few other objective they have in mind.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: A Town Is Born - Itami

With all the riches that Camp Alnus has, in combination with the safety it provides, a town seems to have blossomed. One which specializes in selling Japanese items, and has become quite the melting pot. Issue is, with the large amount of people migrating to this town, it has caused some security issues. Luckily though, Rory seems to be making sure things don’t get too out of hand by making her presence known here and there, alongside the half human being who we saw during the siege on Italica.

Topic 2: Negotiations – Pina

Being that Pina now knows all to well about the power and might of Japan, it seems she is going to make it her life’s work to make sure Japan doesn’t wipe out the empire. Problem is, the senate now has a strong mistrust for the emperor and want to control the military. As for what they would do? Well, it is split between the hawks and the doves.

The doves are people Pina, as well as foreign minister Sugawara Kouji, can work with. They rather build up the military and have peace. As for the hawks, such as Lord Cicero, they want to retaliate. Something which, thanks to having his nephew captured, Lord Cicero slightly backs down from. Though, alongside not causing a fuss in the senate, another thing requested of him is setting up another meeting for Sugawara and Pina and it seems it shall be in the capital. A place where those of the SDF surely will not be greeted with open arms, and may need to meet with leaders in secret.

Topic 3: The New Girl In Town - Rory, Itami, and Yao Ha Ducy

As the land around camp Alnus has changed, so have the soldiers. They enjoy the bars, the unfamiliar women, and it seems things have become sort of lax. However, the world around them is nowhere near the same. Enter Yao Ha Ducy, a dark elf, looking for someone to slay a Red Dragon, like the one the SDF fought before. She walks in and sees Rory and Itami drinking, and thinks Rory is a legitimate child. Something which, naturally, pisses Rory off since she is really trying to sleep with Itami. Leading to, in a rather odd move, her pretending to be a child and it leading to Itami running off since Yao seems to plan to hurt him. Then, to make matters stranger, as soon as Yao turns back around there goes Rory.

Leaving Yao bringing out this huge Adamantite, which seems to be as valuable as dragon scales, to try to find a brave soul to kill the Red Dragon which threatens her people. A goal which isn’t met that night, but with her seeing fighter jets overhead, and thinking they are “The Green People [1],” it seems hope is renewed and off she goes to hope the green people may help her.

Collected Quote(s)

If you can't see something through to the end, then don’t do anything. —           “Visitor.” GATE

Things To Note

Tuka still believes her father is alive, and there is a discussion if perhaps she should be told her father is dead. Which, due to them not sticking around forever, Itami says they shouldn’t get involved with.

[1]: It is hard to say, due to Tuka not having a storyline, and dressing in green in the past, if perhaps her people are the green people, or the SDF. I mean, likely the SDF are the green people, but considering Tuka is part of the reason the SDF survived that fight with the Red Dragon, I don’t think the lesser theory should be completely ruled out.

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Karandi January 22, 2018 - 2:33 PM

I really wish there was another season of GATE for the simple reason that I’d like them to actually bring the conflict to a conclusion. I know there are issues with the story, but I was enjoying it and it just kind of left me hanging and that kind of takes the rewatch fun out of it.

Amari Sali January 22, 2018 - 2:53 PM

There needs to at least be a ova, if not a full movie. This was the first show I saw go past 12 episodes and I honestly could have been cool with it going on forever.

Karandi January 22, 2018 - 2:55 PM

The first season kind of reminded me of Stargate and realisatically, I’d have happily sat through 10 seasons of this. It is just kind easy watching.

Amari Sali January 22, 2018 - 3:00 PM

And, in retrospect, it strangely was able to balance all the genres it touched on. Yes, there was a bit of ecchi, but the sci-fi/ fantasy elements were on point. Also, it had these rather epic action scenes, especially with the Red Dragon. Not to forget quality character interaction, relationships, and growth.

Karandi January 22, 2018 - 3:05 PM

I also loved the soundtrack at times. But yeah, the character interactions were what made the show really enjoyable. Even when the story didn’t quite word as well as it should the characters carried it for me.

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