Garo – Vanishing Line: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Gina” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Garo Vanishing Line Season 1 Episode 3 Gina

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Garo Vanishing Line Season 1 Episode 3 Gina

Outside of meeting Gina, and a mention of El Dorado, ain’t nothing much but ladies in bikinis and your usual action offered.

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To put it simply, Gina, an old acquaintance, I wouldn’t say friend, of Sword is in town thanks to an interesting case. One which deals with this up and coming gangster named Damian. Now, while those like Sword and Gina usually don’t meddle in human affairs, Damian has popped up on Gina’s radar. If only because he is just a little bit too smart.

How? Well, he himself hasn’t been possessed by a horror but he does have one in his employment. One he uses in a Little Shop of Horrors way by feeding it people and getting information in return. However, that all comes to an end as Gina partners up with Sword to take the computer down. Which, by the end of the episode, all Sword gets out of it is a nice view. No El Dorado information but the view of Gina’s body and the bar tab she left behind.

On The Fence

Does This Episode Qualify As Filler?

Garo Vanishing Line Season 1 Episode 3 Gina 2
I honestly think she lied about this just so she could get Sword’s help without having to sleep with him.

Nothing really happens of interest in this episode. We get the usual display of big breast, some butt, and Sword kicking ass. I mean, it was nice to see a woman join in the fun but Gina seems like someone we may not see for awhile – if ever. So it doesn’t make her appearance feel noteworthy.

Then, while El Dorado remains a thing of interest, there was no progress about Sword finding what it is or revealing to us why it is so important. It being name-dropped almost seemed like a simple reminder that it exists and we should be mindful of it. Thus leaving us with nothing but a new character we may never see again, it being noted people like Sword and Gina aren’t supposed to meddle in human affairs, and that’s it.

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