Fuuka: Season 1/ Episode 5 "One of Us" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) As Fuuka’s band gains a member, it seems Yuu’s potential love life has gotten more complicated. Topic 1: Requited Love (Koyuki and Yuu) It becomes established that, back when they were kids, Yuu had a crush on Koyuki just…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

As Fuuka’s band gains a member, it seems Yuu’s potential love life has gotten more complicated.

Topic 1: Requited Love (Koyuki and Yuu)

It becomes established that, back when they were kids, Yuu had a crush on Koyuki just like she had a crush on him.


I’m genuinely struggling to care about the Koyuki angle. It seems so forced as of now, and like the fat on a piece of meat. Her character seemingly just shows up to remind you she is still part of the show, has a walk down memory lane moment and then off she goes. Leading you to wonder if we are supposed to want Yuu to be with her at all? For the writing and animation seems to not really want to push that, in my opinion.

Topic 2: Sara = Yamato (Fuuka, Yuu, and Sara)

Hisashi, of HEDGEHOG, but not their sensei or the guy they were working for all summer, the other dude, allows the kids to practice in his studio for free – assuming there is empty space. This is a welcomed option but the real benefit is with Hisashi’s little sister Sara getting kicked out of her 3rd band, and her being good, Fuuka snatches her up.

Though perhaps what really matters is that we learn Sara is Yamato, who Yuu has been going back and forth with on Twitter all this time. Perhaps making up, for her, this week’s ecchi moment of him tripping into her breasts. But with the reveal of Yamato being Yuu comes her going from quiet and introverted to very vocal and extroverted with Yuu. Leading to it seeming that Yuu has just gained another love interest.


When you don’t read manga you come into anime with only the expectations the previews give and being that I don’t think I have ever watched an anime focused on a band, this is all a first for me. With that said, being that I’m not fond of what HEDGEHOG songs have been done thus far, I won’t probably focus on the music of the anime at all.

But I will focus on this Sara situation quite a bit. First of all, why in the hell when someone trips into your sister’s breasts, and she reacts to it with violence, you ask what is wrong with her? I get Yuu comes off as a nice guy, but you just met him and he basically violated your sister with a move seen only in bad comedies.

On top of that, Sara being Yamato was a bit of a surprise. Thus far, I was honestly under the impression Yamato was Yuu’s middle sister communicating with her brother the only way he seems willing to open up. So with Sara being Yamato, it required an adjustment. Yet with him noting he finds her attractive and then her seemingly liking him, much less getting jealous when Fuuka compliments him, honestly I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

For while, I get it, in all media men try to write being a nice boring guy as an attractive trait, but come on now… I can understand Koyuki because that was a childhood friend, maybe even Fuuka to a point despite multiple moments which have seriously gone from him being clumsy to just perverted, but now Sara too? Sara is talked about as looking modelesque and you’re telling me of all the 127 million people in Japan, this beautiful looking girl is the one who is perhaps one of the few Yuu has consistent conversations with? Not only that, but she happens to be the sister of the guy who is giving you free studio time and is part of Yuu’s favorite band the Hedgehogs? I mean, I’m all for fate, destiny and all that, but Fuuka is pushing it.

Topic 3: A Better Band (Yuu, Fuuka, Nichi, and Makoto and Sara)

After a terrible first session, everyone gets serious about learning their instruments or getting familiar with them once again, and they improve. Though the one really benefits from this band is Makoto, in terms of character development. We learn that, as a child, he was a classically trained pianist. Also, though not strongly, we are reminded the difficulties which likely come from being out and dealing with guys insecure about their sexuality.


I just realized between this and Scum’s Wish, we have queer characters on shows that aren’t focused on them solely. Which, for me, is a first. Since usually things are like how this show is. It’s focused on a boy, average and bland, and his growing harem as he comes out of his shell and becomes someone you can imagine someone being attracted to. But usually, there aren’t queer people as friends or anything. They aren’t even talked about. So Makoto being in this, him talking about dating, flirting with his male friends because they still haven’t adjusted to his teasing, and dealing with them fearing being considered gay for hanging out with him is something.

Focusing on the band segment, again they aren’t playing my type of music and I’m not a musician, so I’m not really focused on that aspect of the show. I will say, however, I find it sad, as Karandi noted in her review of episode 3, it sucks that the only time Yuu actually makes an effort is when a girl gives him a pep talk of some kind.

Now, I’ll admit, impressing a girl will make you take something seriously, especially if you think they are attractive, but come on! Can’t Yuu, for once, take some initiative on this show? He already is in a band he is only in because Fuuka wants him to, it seems his friendship with Sara is basically just going to be her talking and him listening, and he is such a doormat that I’m surprised his sisters aren’t running him ragged.

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  1. I’m going to be honest, I dropped this series mid-way during this episode. Something just clicked in my brain and I realised I just did not care. I think it was the introduction of yet another girl that may or may not end up having a crush on Yuu (which given his character hasn’t really done anything of note seems really lame). Anyway, I realised I was starting to plan other things in my head rather than pay attention to the episode and made the call to drop.

    1. I’m strangely not tempted to drop this, but only because my self-imposed work load hasn’t reached that point I need to drop series yet.

      However, if this was a normal show with 24 episodes and likely multiple seasons, I’d be tempted to tap out and move on.

        1. You could always do some throwback anime. Maybe even cover more Manga. Such as, perhaps weekly, creating a pitch for a Manga you would like to see adapted.

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