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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s the summer time and while Fuuka may have a famous father, she isn’t rich. So in order to get instruments, she convinces Yuu and Makoto to join her at a beach house to make some money.

Topic 1: You Have To Try Harder (Yuu)

Yuu is shy. So shy that the manager, Yahagi, who owns the beach house is hard on him. He doesn’t speak up when Yahagi is cooking so it seemingly is leading to messed up orders. He is messing up orders, dropping dishes, and all the while Yuu and Makoto seem like pros. Thankfully, after a little pep talk from Fuuka, in which she notes one of the things she likes about him is how hard he tries, he actually puts effort into his work.


Yuu being shy helps to explain his Twitter obsession. Because he grew up in a sort of isolated environment, because he likely didn’t have loads of friends, and he was too shy to try to make them, he shares his business on the web. Thus leading to some semblance of friendship. Though, of course, nothing on the level he has with Fuuka, much less Makoto. Who, by the way, I think Yuu is warming up to. Though I think the show isn’t going to really dive in on the idea of a straight guy and gay guy being friends. Neither in a Faking It kind of way nor something more casual.

Topic 2: Does She Like Me? (Yuu and Fuuka)

Yuu isn’t experienced with girls. As noted, he barely has experience being friends with someone. So it is hard to tell what Fuuka feels. She hangs out with him, wants to be in a band with him, and also wants to spend their off-hours hanging out. Does that mean she likes him, likes him or could it be, like Makoto, he is just a guy and nothing more?

Well, after a kiss, well her performing CPR after he saves her from drowning, it seems he is definitely catching feelings. He can’t stop looking at her lips after and with Makoto noting how Fuuka is different around him, there is hope.


While as Karandi has said, this season is a “March of the Bland Romances,” as she notes, this is one of the few which actually employs chemistry. Which, for me, is what makes me love this show. For while it does employ ecchi in the form of Yuu being, for a lack of a better term, mesmerized by Fuuka in a swimsuit, at the same time they are too cute. Him unable to focus on anything but her lips after she gives him CPR was such a relatable moment. Not so much the CPR but when you catch feelings and start imagining what it would be like to kiss someone. Then, of course, those feelings of never being sure if she just sees you as a friend, something more, maybe you are thinking too much into it, and just being confused on how you should interact with them.

Honestly making even the little ecchi moment dealing with him staring at Fuuka in a swimsuit fine. If only because he brings up the thought how it is weird he got smacked for seeing her panties but in a much more revealing swimsuit things are fine. He can literally see so much more but it is not a problem.

Topic 3: Koyuki & Yuu

Conveniently, despite a huge tour for her successful album, Koyuki just so happens to be in the area and she gets the chance to spend an evening with Yuu. All they do is talk and play with fireworks but, as seen, any moment with Yuu is good enough for her. Though with him mentioning his band and a girl being in it, you can see Koyuki is worried. Though what may truly be worrisome is, as the title of the episode states, this is the episode the love triangle begins.


Though I do subscribe to the ship thing, as could be seen if I had season 2 of Girl Meets World posted here, generally I don’t like love triangles. The reason for that is, to me there isn’t a real balance between the two guys, though often girls. Like with Beyond, there is one who seems perfect, who not only has chemistry with the character but makes the show better. Then there is the other one who they may have a history with, but you can kind of see why this other person has become an option. Making you highly frustrated as the person goes back and forth to the point you’d rather they just stay single to end their, and your, aggravation.

Speaking on this love triangle, Koyuki has not evolved past being a sweet girl and with her remaining two-dimensional all she has is being Yuu’s childhood friend. Which, to me, is just not good enough.

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  1. I could have passed on the drowning CPR moment of this episode as that hit a few nerves. However, I did like the first and final part of the episode and this is still my pick of the romances from this season even though it has got a few issues (of course I don’t have access to Scum’s Wish and from the reviews I’ve read that would probably be more my style).
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the link.

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