Evil or Live Season 1 Episode 2 “Between Cruelty and Kindness” Recap Review with SpoilersIt has been three years since Hibiki has last seen Shiori and boy has she changed in more ways than one.

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Have You Met Wudo?: Shin, Wudo, Jun, Shiori

Shin is a man of his word. He got Hibiki out of a potential, major, butt whooping for trying to run away, and now he has his sights set on making a man out of him. First, though, he has to play puppet master. He pushes Wudo to check this girl, Jun, for a cellphone. Something he’ll need for leverage later. Thus leading to Shiori acting, seemingly in the capacity of the class president but truthfully because she wants something. She wants a phone herself. Why else piss off Wudo and his boys who seem to try to rule the school with a misogynist fist?

What Would You Do For A Phone?: Shin, Jun, Hibiki, Shiori

Evil or Live Season 1 Episode 2 “Between Cruelty and Kindness” Recap Review with Spoilers 2

In the process of defending Jun, Hibiki jumps in as the boys look to outnumber her and make her switchblade worthless. Luckily, some of the head instructors stooges step in and quiet that commotion. Leading to Shiori, who seems to recognize Hibiki from her past, to a point, to patching him up. That is, until she realizes he has a boner and she nearly makes him a woman.

Something which goes against Shin’s ultimate plan. After all, he is trying to make a man out of Hibiki in the worse way – him losing his virginity. So, with knowing Shiori wants a phone, and Jun wants her’s back, a bargain is put on the table: Sleep with Hibiki and the phone is yours. This leads Jun to snuggle up to Hibiki but with her being exposed by Shin, in terms of why she is in the school, fraud among other things, Shiori makes quick work of her. Leaving her running about with her bra exposed.

Conditioning: Shin, Hibiki, Shiori


Leaving Shiori with the offer on the table. Something she decides to take but then comes a problem. While she can deal with Hibiki’s hand on her breast, kissing him? That makes her vomit (in his mouth I should add). Making you wonder, with Jun in the school because of her being obsessed with an idol and stealing from people, what other reasons could people be put in the school? Could Shiori have been because she was caught with a boy and after who knows how much punishment, now she associates intimacy with something vomit-inducing? Time will tell.


The Effects of Cruel Treatment Die Slowly

Evil or Live Season 1 Episode 2 “Between Cruelty and Kindness” Recap Review with Spoilers 3One of the things I hope this show eventually explores is how addiction became most of these kids problems. Till then, it is quite interesting to see how the way the school handles people is causing a change. Albeit a negative one, but let’s take Shiori for example.

From the way Hibiki describes her, she was once kind, maybe delicate, but very heroic. However, know she is a switchblade carrying girl who will have sex for a damn cell phone. Yet, she can’t get intimate without vomiting. Something that could be looked at in two ways. The first being, she is so disgusted by Hibiki and the situation it makes her vomit. The second way is, considering the abuse that seems possible, it could be something was done to her to make the idea of making out with someone vomit inducing. Be it being beaten, force-fed, who knows what.

Which I’m only putting as a highlight because it seems this show may peer into the psychological damage that the school is causing. Of which, I hope we get to see the school close, or these kids graduate, and deal with the trauma. Maybe make amends as well.


The Twisted Male Fantasy Aspect

Recognizing that most anime doesn’t aim to be gender neutral, I got to say it does sometimes seem disturbing how you can consistently find shows with creepy and rapey aspects. Be it Wudo just forcing his hand down a girl’s blouse or putting someone, who obviously has been imposed with psychological issues, in a position where she either has sex with someone or no contact with the outside world. And I’m not saying the boys don’t go through stuff, since they took one hell of an ass whooping in episode 1. However, just with Shiori being able to find a secluded place to bandage Hibiki and even initiate sex, leads you to wonder, how many of these girls probably got assaulted at this school? Especially by guys like Wudo and his followers?

Much less, how many times did Shin pull the strings to make it happen? Never mind, considering the name of the show, will he make Hibiki participate?

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  1. I dont think I’m gonna enjoy the series. The Psychological drama/tragedy genre REALLY isn’t my thing. It may just be me and how I was raised…but I have trouble stomaching anything to do with rape, sexual assault, pedophilia or molestation. I actually start to feel sick when I see or read it. But I AM gonna wait for a couple more episode reviews before I totally can it

    1. It isn’t worth it dude. While I don’t think, as of now, it may veer toward rape, sexual assault, and the other two, abuse will be a consistent thing. Which I don’t foresee adding anything to the story besides some weak shock value.

  2. This series is kind of odd and I’m not sure yet if I am enjoying watching it or not. I am more intrigued by the thought of how bad the situation the characters find themselves in might get than actually enjoying what has been presented so far.

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