The truth about Hina’s boyfriend is revealed, as well as why Rui wanted to have sex.

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The truth about Hina’s boyfriend is revealed, as well as why Rui wanted to have sex.

Director(s) Shota Ibata
Writer(s) Tatsuya Takahashi
Air Date 1/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Marie Tsuda Kenjirou

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No Shame: Fumiya, Natsuo, Hina

While Natsuo has friends at school, they aren’t as mature as Fumiya, or have access to mature people, so he consults him about Hina. The result of this is learning Natsuo is jealous of whoever she is with, and Fumiya talking about a customer having an affair with a young woman. We later learn Hina is that young woman, and Natsuo confronts her.

This leads to her, with no shame, admitting to it and when Natsuo tries to be forward, act as if he is a valid option to a married man, Hina takes him on. She kisses him, passionately, even seems like she would initiate sex with Natsuo. However, the fear in his eyes, the reminder he is but a child, it ends what was happening. Also, it leads Natsuo to be so frustrated with himself he decides to live at Fumiya’s home for a few days.


I don’t know about you, but I’m still a bit confused as to how Natsuo knows Fumiya. Especially since we learn he isn’t in the same school as Natsuo. Though, that is a minor issue, which could be solved by them going to different high schools, vs. what happened with Hina. After smacking the mess out of Natsuo, she started tonguing him down, ripped his shirt, had her leg in places a big sister shouldn’t have her leg and… *fans self*.

My thing is, why did she do that? Was she living out a fantasy she had, and perhaps was willing to go all the way with it, until she saw Natsuo’s hesitation? I doubt this was simply a lesson to remind him that she was out of his league, too old for him, or what have you. Especially when you consider one of the main reasons she is willingly in an affair is because of the way the married man makes her feel. Leading to the topic of Rui.

Hina, after making out and seducing Natsuo, stopping abruptly.
Hina: […] your eyes are still those of a child’s.

It’s The Way He Holds Me: Rui, Hina

Long before Natsuo discovered Hina’s secret, Rui did. It was just by overhearing phone conversations and recognizing her sister was changing. She wasn’t as family oriented, silly, and all the things which you would think Rui would hate, but actually loved. Yet, like with Natsuo, Hina didn’t have any shame really. Instead, she rebuffed Rui by noting she wouldn’t understand because she hasn’t been held by someone before. Leading to Rui asking Natsuo to have sex with her.


With Hina explicitly talking about being held, what made Rui think that was perhaps a euphemism? You’d think, rather than find someone to have sex with, she’d look for love to understand what Hina was talking about. But, let’s face it, while Rui is high and mighty, it is just to cover up her insecurities. The primary one being that, while people flock to Hina, absolutely love her, she can’t maintain that initial curiosity and attention. So maybe, even if for a minute, she figured, on top of learning why Hina was able to have an affair, perhaps she thought she could capture her magic as well?

From Lovers, To Siblings, To Allies: Rui, Natsuo, Hina

During their absence, both Rui and Natsuo’s parents feared they were the cause of their children running away. This even lead to them considering divorce. However, with their children returning, they reassure them it wasn’t the marriage but don’t reveal the exact reason why. But, Hina, she knows the truth and that is all that matters. For it has been decided, one way or another, they will help free Hina from the grasps of whoever she is having an affair with. Meaning Rui and Natsuo are about to grow closer.


For a moment, I almost believed there was going to be a harem on this show. After all, we have two sisters with a complicated relationship with someone who is their brother by marriage. It’s like a more serious version of, with way less ecchi, Sis x Sis in my mind. Mind you, it is a bit of a weak comparison. However, with the way this show is set up, you could see there being two unique relationships between the serious Rui vs. the laid back Hina, which mirrors Sis x Sis. You then have the fairly innocent brother who, between the two, has feelings yet they’re complicated.

But, so it seems, for now, Rui may win Natsuo’s heart. At least, there is a strong possibility. With their focus being on Hina, it really does depend on how they, with Fumiya likely helping, decide to put a plan into action. Also, what can two teenagers do to push a grown woman to break up with her boyfriend? Be cordial, but passive, like we saw Natsuo? Isn’t that what Rui has been doing?

The only other alternative is exposing her, or the man having an affair. An idea which seems possible but would require destroying their relationship with Hina in the process. Leaving you to wonder if Hina, after any and all methods done, will return to how she once was or if the devastation could have unintended consequences.


  1. Marie joining Fumiya and Natsuo when they were roleplaying.
  2. How knowingly being part of an affair changes Hina as a character.
  3. The baby steps we’re seeing in how Natsuo has an influence on Rui’s life, and she wants to find ways of conveying his importance without being outright about it.

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