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Dimension W: Season 1/ Episode 9 “The Key to Adrastea” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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More background into Grendel, Loser’s origins, Salva’s regrets, and so much more is given as the show builds up to what likely is the series finale.

Trigger Warning(s): Blood, Visible Bullet Wound and Body Horror

Episode Summary (with Commentary)

Oh where to begin? Excuse this new format as I get into the swing of things, but I think the best place to begin is with Salva. As we already know, his ambitions took his small nation of Isla from a constantly threatened place to the top exporter of robotics. In this episode it shows how the nation transitioned to such a place, but at a cost. For Salva’s coming out for the robotics happened due to a coup organized by someone named Haruka Seameyer, a former student of Dr. Yurizaki, the founder of coils, who went rogue. That man caused the uprising in Isla and perhaps even hired assassins. One of which tried to kill Salva, after he stopped his uprising, and in a rush Salva went to kill an assassin with his giant robot and ended up killing Lwai. Thus proving Lwai is without a doubt a robot similar to Mira.

Which leads to an explanation of why Kyoma hates Mira, in a way. You see, while we are given quite a bit into Kyoma’s time with Grendel, and his final moments with Miyabi, really the only thing of note is that we learn Mira’s body is based off Miyabi as are practically all robots, especially the female models. But perhaps the big to do of the episode is how Haruka connects everyone. For Haruka seemingly is the reason Lwai died and likely is tied to why Miyabi died, if not why Dr. Yurizaki’s wife and child was killed. You see, Dr. Yurizaki was damn near put onto an internal trial due to his former student’s actions, and with him giving into New Tesla in terms of limiting his work to appease them, he inspired Haruka to rebel, thus leading to the Easter Island incident.

Now, as for the exact of what happened on Easter Island? Well, we still don’t know what causes the nothingness exactly. What we do know though is Loser, formerly Julian, was one of the scientist who worked there, specifically in the Adrastea lab with his wife Sophia, and that he may have been willing to work with Haruka. Yet, per Loser’s words, it seems Kyoma played a part in ruining whatever Julian’s plan was, for either defeating Haruka or joining him, and it lead to the death of his wife and the state he is in. Making it seem that from this point forward, the two of them should be considered foes. Though before you place your bets on Kyoma, let it be known that the sphere of nothingness seemingly is on Loser’s side. Pushing the idea maybe Julian did create an alliance with Haruka for we learn Haruka is that sphere. Hence why he attacked Salva and attacks Kyoma. Sending them both into their memories, tortured by their past for, the way Haruka puts it, Dimension W is fueld by the what if and that is where it powers lay. As for how he became the sphere though, only future episode could tell.

Things To Note

It seems whatever reason K.K. is kidnapping and preparing experiments on people isn’t because of an outside source, but perhaps Loser, or someone else with strong ties to Easter Island, paying him to.


More Background on Familiar Characters – As Noted Above

Low Points

Last Minute Villain: Haruka Seameyer is just now being introduced and I feel like this sudden rush to create a big evil is a bit late. Granted, he is tied to both Salva, and likely, Kyoma’s tragedy, but being that he is your usual mad scientist type, Dimension W is going to have to do better than that to make him interesting.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Considering the sphere, Haruka, can erase memories, and nearly kill those it comes in contact with, how did Kyoma survive his first experience with it when it was born?
  • Considering how Dimension W warps people’s bodies, how come Haruka isn’t some disgusting looking mass?
  • Could Dimension W possibly have preserved Loser’s wife? Much less, could Miyabi still possibly exist within it and be brought back into reality? For while she is dead, for she is without a head, could she be given a body and be able to transition to reality? To add onto that question, can someone, a human specifically, go between our world and dimension W and survive? It seemed like Shijuro Sakaki, from the Lake Yasogami arc, was possibly capable of this, but could I be mistaken?

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