Matsuri and Mei have their final battle and Yuzu ends up being the deciding factor. Network Crunchyroll Director(s) Takeo Takahashi Writer(s) Naoki Hayashi Air Date 3/3/18 What Should Have Been The Final Move: Matsuri, Mei, Yuzu With that picture of Mei kissing her, it seemed Matsuri won. Her sending that picture to the board, or…

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Matsuri and Mei have their final battle and Yuzu ends up being the deciding factor.

Director(s) Takeo Takahashi
Writer(s) Naoki Hayashi
Air Date 3/3/18

What Should Have Been The Final Move: Matsuri, Mei, Yuzu

With that picture of Mei kissing her, it seemed Matsuri won. Her sending that picture to the board, or just Mei’s grandfather, and her life would be over. But, just to show she isn’t cruel over keeping Yuzu away from Mei, she does give her work phone so that Mei can hook up with one of her clients. Since she believes Mei is a slut who’d sleep with anyone to feel whole.

And, low and behold, after Mei cancels coming to the family Christmas party, she decides to meet up with Matsuri’s client.


A picture of Mei's family.

Matsuri is cold f***ing blooded. Yet, in a strange way, you have to wonder if one of the underlying topics of Citrus is how homosexuality isn’t accepted in Japan and being outted can ruin your life. Yet, of course, LGBTQ+ still exist. As proven by Harumin revealing, way back, that many of the girls, despite being betrothed to someone, mess around with each other.

That aside, I was kind of wondering why Mei decided to make that call and even meet the guy? Granted, she outright says it was curiosity, but it isn’t like she decided to get on a dating app and try to meet a guy. This person was a client of Matsuri and you were contacting him through Matsuri’s phone. There is so much that could have gone wrong and the girl has already set you up once. What wouldn’t make you think she isn’t trying to not just have this picture, but additional means to keep you the hell away from Yuzu? Did Mei not understand she was dealing with a psycho?

I Never Stood a Chance, Did I?: Matsuri, Mei, Yuzu, Harumin

With Mei seemingly handled, Matsuri goes for the kill by asking Yuzu on another date. However, with Harumin planting the idea that Yuzu could just help Mei with student council work, her excuse for canceling doing the Christmas party, it seems Mei was going to be caught in her lie. That is, until Matsuri swoops in and snatches Yuzu for a date.

One which just ends up like the last one. They are having fun, reminiscing, and then Mei pops up. So, being the person she is, she reveals Mei is meeting with someone, that she is a slut and all this does is piss Yuzu off. Not at Mei, mind you, but Matsuri since she knows she did something. So she talks about Matsuri apologizing and goes off to find Mei. Who, in the long run, doesn’t even end up with the guy.

Leading to, in the long run, Matsuri and Mei making peace. Even considering Mei a big sister. But she ruins any sort of cuteness of the moment by talking about the three of them having a threesome at a later time.


Yuzu telling Matsuri that she is going to apologize for what she did to Mei.

You have to give the show props for not having Yuzu fall for Matsuri’s nonsense. Most shows, at least in terms of the ones I watch, would have ridden that out until the 11th or even last episode and then big reveal! But that got shut down pretty quick and Matsuri even made peace with Mei. If not, more so Mei noted how she understood why Matsuri did what she did and presented the idea that she isn’t trying to take anything. Yuzu gives her this time and attention, which she appreciates, but she isn’t trying to be selfish about it. She just so happened to be lucky.

But with all that said, noting girls get horny too, what is with how sex is handled on this show? Especially in terms of what, by all means and purposes, is assault.

All of Me: Mei, Yuzu

After a very trying day, Mei and Yuzu return home and with mama asleep, they sort of have the place to themselves. Which of course means hanky-panky. This time led by Mei but it isn’t 100% clear if this is going to become something intimate or one of Mei’s usual hot and cold moments where she turns Yuzu out then becomes distant. All we know is that Mei puts Yuzu’s hand on her breast and Yuzu can feel Mei’s heart racing. And while this is happening, Mei is asking to be accepted for all she is. Including the person Yuzu sometimes doesn’t like who can be distant and difficult to deal with.


Yuzu's hand on Mei's chest, feeling her heartbeat.

As we come up towards the end, there is the question which lingers: Will they find love amongst all this lust? Yuzu is clearly in love with Mei, but we keep getting pushed towards this idea that Mei doesn’t necessarily love Yuzu the person. She loves the attention, the consistency, how accessible she is, but loving Yuzu is a whole other thing. It is sort of like the situation in Andi Mack. Like Andi, Yuzu will go nuts over Mei and do nearly whatever it takes to prove she is worthy of time and attention, but Mei, like Jonah, doesn’t present the same vigor in response. She goes with the flow, tags along since it seems she has nothing better to do, yet at the same time doesn’t want to lose the desires this person clearly has for them.

For when they do, while it isn’t the end of the world, there is this sudden need to start analyzing what, if any, options you have and if they even match up. For while Mei could entertain Himeko’s affections, there is just something not there that matches what Yuzu gives. And keeping with the whole, Andi Mack comparison, which is mid-key weird since that is a tween show, I do believe Mei looks at the total package of what Yuzu offers. It isn’t just her time, but also her family. It’s a sense of a home and all these foreign interests which help stimulate Mei’s life. Sort of like when Jonah got invited to Chinese New Year. Where else can Mei get this kind of package?


  1. Matsuri’s war ends before it could get seriously annoying and Yuzu was the one to end it.
  2. The show, kind of, addressing how unfavorable it is to be openly homosexual in Japan.

On The Fence

  1. Wondering if a new issue will pop up to delay Mei or Yuzu committing to each other, or if they may finally get to be a cute, queer, couple.

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  1. mei is complatcated there a reason she’s holding back you’ll see her feelings as we go on and way on after the anime as it’s based of a popular manga, she does have feelings for yuzu just slower for her not like yuzu who’s the complete opposite of mei.

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