Big Mouth: Season 3, Episode 6 “How To Have An Orgasm” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Jessi asking Missy how would you know you orgasmed?

The importance of the female orgasm is explored, Jay overstaying his welcome at Nick’s house, alongside dick pic etiquette.

The importance of the female orgasm is explored, Jay overstaying his welcome at Nick’s house, alongside dick pic etiquette.

Director(s) Bob Suarez
Writer(s) Emily Altman
Air Date 10/4/2019


Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Luda, Nick, Jay

With spring break over, Nick wants Jay to go home. He is winning over his family, or at least his parents, and is making a temporary thing feel a bit too permanent. I mean, Jay is even bonding with the ghosts in the attic.

So Nick goes to Jay’s house, hoping to get his family to retrieve him, but only comes to learn why Jay doesn’t want to return. And just before Nick is tortured, Luda, the dog, rescues him. Leading to Nick calming down and being fine with Jay in his home as long as his parents are.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Anyone surprised Luda didn’t escape or bite the mess out of someone before?

A Chode: Cherry, Maury, Andrew, Marty, Barbara

Cherry has been sending provocative pics so, naturally, Andrew is thinking of doing the same. The problem is, taking a dick pic is complicated. Angles, hard or soft, and while Maury helps him with a photo shoot, he is useless when Marty and Barbara discover the pictures. Especially in advocating for suicide rather than Andrew just weathering another awkward storm.

Love Like This Before: Jessi, Jessi’s Vagina, Judd, Connie, Missy, Shannon, Dina

Jessi learns about orgasms this episode, and at first it is a bit of a challenge. Mostly due to her not knowing what method works for her. Yet, between the way Shannon talks about how Dina made her orgasm, before they broke up, or Missy talking about hers, she doesn’t want to end up a sad statistic. But what kicks things into high gear is Judd and between him, Connie’s encouragement, the vagina’s wants, and an electric toothbrush, Jessi ends up a very happy girl.



Let’s Talk About Body Positivity & Orgasms

While Andrew’s photoshoot was all kinds of uncomfortable, I want to spin the idea that the point is Andrew learning to love how he looked and what his penis looked like. For many men, the size, girth, and the size of their erection is an issue. So Andrew, at a young age, being encouraged to embrace his penis, to a certain degree, is a rather good message. Mind you, being that it was Maury, he laces an insult and much sarcasm at the tail end of his encouragement, but maybe that won’t affect Andrew?

Then with Jessi, between her and Shannon talking about pleasure, you’re reminded how much of a privilege, as a male, it is to easily orgasm. It’s like Nikki Glasser says in he latest special Bangin’, the whole process for women is time-consuming, often requires tools, and can feel like exercise. Men? Well, it isn’t too much work at all, and they can do it so much they injure themselves.

So here is hoping Jessi, now knowing what Missy has long experienced, may come to understand a few things. First and foremost, while Missy might be a square in many ways, she is actually more advanced than Jessi in others. Also, with her crush on Judd, here is to her learning what kind of men she likes and maybe seeing more of Judd. Even if this crush is lowkey creepy.

Nick Being Called Out

Between the Cellsea saga and now pretending like he doesn’t know Jay’s life is horrible, Nick really is a selfish child. Not to disregard Jay wearing his clothes, sleeping in his bed, his masturbation habits, and whether or not he bathed, but between talking to Jay or asking his parents, Nick could have handled things better. After all, it isn’t like Jay wouldn’t bend over backwards, and make himself into a pretzel, to find a way to win Nick over.


Who doesn’t want Luda to be happy? Also, he doesn’t want to understand Luda’s relationship to Jay more and his story? Yeah, he is a dog, but his one-liners make you wonder about his day to day and how he survived this long.

Low Point

Maury & This Suicide Thing

While the dig at Thirteen Reasons Why and Netflix isn’t lost on me, it does seem like a new low for Maury to, for two of his kids, bring up suicide as an option. Also, it makes you question why he would do that since that would mess up his record losing a kid like that, right? You’d think, alongside losing your kid to the Depression Kitty, having them kill themselves would possibly lead you to losing your job. But maybe I just don’t get how things work for hormone monsters.

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