Big Mouth: Season 3, Episode 5 “Florida” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Nick and Andrew head to Florida, and between cousin love, babies with guns, and crazy people, we get a lot of what Florida is known for.

Director(s) Kim Arndt
Writer(s) Victor Quinaz
Air Date 10/4/2019


Little Orphan Jay: Elliot, Diane, Jay

Jay’s family abandons him as the house is fumigated, and we’re left to assume they didn’t try to kill him. But, with Jay being smart enough not to stay in the house, he heads to Nick’s house. Why not, Missy? Well, I guess he figures that’s too new to test his luck. So, instead, he spends spring break with Elliot and Diane who make the idea of returning home seem like a punishment.

Florida Is Crazy: Cheryl, Nick, Andrew, Barbara, Marty, Skip, Lewis

For Passover, Andrew’s family heads down to Florida, and since Nick wants to get away from his parents, and they’d like time away from him as well, he joins Andrew’s family. Big mistake. Why? Well, Marty doesn’t believe in air conditioning or stopping for anything but gas. Also, food is whatever is in a bag, and none of it is made to be appetizing for the kids. It’s more so food for if Marty gets hungry.

Making them finally land in Florida seem like a good thing, until they meet Grandpa Lewis, and he proves to be as bad, if not worse, than Marty. But, while Nick suffers, Andrew reacquaints himself with his cousin Cheryl. Someone who goes by Cherry now and wants to make out and feel up her cousin.

As that happens, Cherry’s dad Skip, and Andrew’s dad Marty, they fight with Lewis egging them on. Leaving Barbara, who isn’t for any of this really, being haunted by the menopause banshee who she first fears, then embraces.

Getting The Hell Out Of… Well Hell: Cherry, Nick, Andrew, Menopause Banshee, Barbara, Marty

Cherry and Andrew making out.

Just as Andrew is getting some tongue and having his ass grabbed, his family walks in on him, and Cherry and Barbara, empowered by the Menopause Banshee, decides it is time to go, and Marty supports her. Showing that all that happened in season 2 of their marriage, he has truly learned, long term, how to support and love his wife. Especially when enough is enough for her.

Thus they all escape from a sinking Florida alive and well. Even Nick, who makes out with Cherry’s friend despite deeply fearing her.



A Little Bit Of Jewish History

While the comedy element took away from the story, and allows the Rugrats version to remain one the best-animated ones, you have to appreciate a truncated story of Passover. For while it is a well-circulated story, not everyone knows it, and this could be the introduction to it for some.


Here is hoping the Menopause Banshee, like Maury and Connie, gets to stick around. Thus far, Big Mouth has mostly focused on the young kids and them going through puberty, but imagine the other side and how the show could explore that. Be it menopause, men losing testosterone, and losing certain abilities. It could be a gas.

Menopause Banshee making herself known.
Menopause Banshee: And soon you’ll dance at the Banshee’s Ball.

Marty Is A Better Partner Now

To say Barbara was treated as an afterthought in season 2, especially by Marty, would be an understatement. Here is a woman who goes along with what her husband says, tries to look out for her family, and is pleasant. Which, for a while, made it seem Marty saw that as a reason to steamroll her.

However, now when she says she is through, he doesn’t whine or pout, he listens and off he goes. It’s touching.

On The Fence

How Far Will Big Mouth Go?

There are a lot of things about sex Big Mouth can cover, and as shown by the introduction of menopause, it isn’t just limited to adolescents. But, with bringing up incest, it does make you wonder if there is a line and while, at its heart, a comedy, will it give a sense of nuance to more uncomfortable or controversial topics? Or will some things simply be about the laughs, and if you don’t get it or like it, then it is simply not for you?


[ninja_tables id=”27035″]

How Far Will Big Mouth Go? - 75%
Marty Is A Better Partner Now - 85%
Menopause - 90%
A Little Bit Of Jewish History - 80%


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