Big Mouth: Season 3, Episode 4 “Obsessed” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Maury hyping up Matthew.

It’s a very homoerotic episode of Big Mouth as Jay and Missy collaborate, Matthew has his first kiss, and we learn about Elliot’s moisturizing regimen.

It’s a very homoerotic episode of Big Mouth as Jay and Missy collaborate, Matthew has his first kiss, and we learn about Elliot’s moisturizing regimen.

Director(s) Joel Moser
Writer(s) Kelly Galuska, Jaboukie Young-White
Air Date 10/4/2019


Soft Daddy & The Mobile Phone: Elliot, Diane, Andrew, Cellsea, Nick, Judd, Cellsea, Maury

Nick’s obsession with his phone has reached the point of trying to appease her by making a viral moment. The problem is, Nick doesn’t really have those in his life until he discovers Soft Daddy, aka Elliot’s, skincare routine. Leading to him not having a viral moment but one which does spread amongst the school, and gets back to Diane who decides to take Nick’s phone – causing him to have a meltdown.

Luckily, between “Find My Phone” and Judd, Nick reunited with his phone. But, unfortunately, Cellsea remains a bad influence, and when combined with Maury, both are able to convince Andrew to help Nick steal his mom’s car. However, with them in middle school, neither have taken any sort of driving class so Andrew crashes into the garage door, and this leads Diane to murder Cellsea.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. What are the personalities of everyone else’s phone like?
  2. How did Andrew’s hair grow back so quickly?

Are We Like, Friends?: Missy, Jay

In Jay’s usual desperation for attention, he comes across Missy and rips a page out of her fantasy book. To much surprise, he reads what is in there and likes it – though he has some feedback. The kind which is all erotic and despite how sexual the content, Missy agrees with his takes, and they decide to write together. Thus begins a beautiful friendship.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Could Jay and Missy become more than friends?

Homoerectus: Aiden, Jessi, Matthew, Maury, Edward, Kimberly

It isn’t clear who Aiden’s hormone monster is, but they are pushing him to make a move on Matthew. The problem is, however, Matthew wants to but isn’t ready – mostly due to Maury hyping things up. At least not on Aiden’s terms. So, Jessi, with the good ideas, says they should make things more casual, have it at Matthew’s, and she’ll come over, for a small bit, so that Edward and Kimberly don’t raise an eyebrow. A brilliant plan that works since Matthew and Aiden not only get to hold hands but makeout.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. So Matthew’s parents, and his million and one siblings, didn’t see that kiss at the end? Are you telling me none of them are nosy?
  2. Despite how inappropriate Maury is, anyone else get the vibe he is one of the few positive, older male, figures in Matthew’s life?



Making Up For Lost Time

The amount of time and dedication being given to Missy, Matthew, and Jay this episode felt like it was making up for lost time. Matthew has had his first kiss, maybe has a boyfriend, we’ve learned about his family dynamics, and developed his relationship with Jessi. Someone who shows herself capable of being a friend to someone way better than she ever was to Missy.

Jay questioning his sexuality for being friends with a girl.
Jay: I’m friends with a girl? Wait a minute. Does that make me gay?

Who, by the way, seems to have found a kindred spirit in Jay. A boy who has been longing to find someone as weird as him, that doesn’t make him feel the need to backtrack after he gives a statement. Though the interesting thing here will be, not just Jay exploring and understanding his sexuality, but also having a friend that’s a girl. Since, while Jessi and Nick are friends, they don’t hang out and chat much. More so, they are like cordial exes. So Jay’s sexual and friendship exploration might be one of the best storylines this season.

On The Fence

This Cellsea Storyline

As compared to this Cellsea storyline, which hopefully is dead. Not that I don’t get the humor and need to address phone addiction, but this has been one of the weaker topics that Big Mouth has chosen to explore. Making Cellsea’s violent death a blessing.


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