Big Mouth: Season 3, Episode 2 “Girls Are Angry Too” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Big Mouth returns, and thanks to the stupid action of the boys, the girls get punished. Leading to Missy deciding it is time to let her dark side out.

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The Ladybug excited for season 3.

Big Mouth returns, and thanks to the stupid action of the boys, the girls get punished. Leading to Missy deciding it is time to let her dark side out.

Director(s) Bob Suarez
Writer(s) Hayley Adams, Joellen Redlingshafer, Kelsey Cressman
Air Date 10/4/2019

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Turkey Basting: Jay

Due to his home environment, Jay finds himself torn between his urges for women and men and thus tries to suppress himself to keep from any sexual satisfaction. Leading to him becoming a bit more high strong than usual and eventually succumbing to his urges – by having sex with a turkey.

Girls v. Boys: Nick, Jessi, Devin, Lizer, Andrew, Jay

After Jay cuts off the tip of Andrew’s finger, the girls get blamed for being a “distraction.” Leading to Lizer, since the principal is retiring within two months, taking it upon himself to make a dress code. This doesn’t sit well with Jessi, nor Devin, so they have a protest and dress provocatively. Leading to Andrew saying all the wrong things, and Nick doing the same, as he struggles to be an ally.

Leading to Lizer, to try to bring on some sense of equality, for now, the parents are mad, having everyone wear uniforms.

Welcome To The Dark Side: Missy

Mirror Missy doing what a hormone monster should.
Mirror Missy: Bull honky! You’re not sad, you’re angry.

During all the chaos of the Boys v. Girls war, Missy is trying to support the girls but not necessarily be confrontational. That doesn’t work out well for Missy is coming to the point of being tired of people punking her, ostracizing her, and not supporting her. Hence her dark side coming out, and she decides to take everyone down a peg. She comes for the girls, the boys – especially Jay, and reminds Andrew they dated for 5 days, and he needs to move on!


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Jay’s Struggle With His Bi-sexuality

Being that Jay lives in a suppressive household, and there aren’t any notable bi-sexual men who look like Jay, you have to love how challenging they are making his journey to acceptance. Granted, they are mostly focusing on the sexual aspect, not intimacy, but you remember Jay’s relationship with Missi, right? I don’t think anyone has the patience for Jay’s manic side and his need to feel loved.

Connie Trying To Be The Hormone Monster For Jessi and Nick

While it doesn’t happen this episode, you know sooner or later Jessi is going to give Connie an ultimatum, and that is going to be wonderful to watch. Primarily due to Connie having long been Jessi’s monster, and this causing a conflict of interest. For while Jessi and Nick are generally cool, you know something is going to go wrong. Nick, usually, is more so an ally than an ass****, but between him triggering Jessi or Connie slipping up while she attempts to do double duty, you know we’re bound for a hilarious moment.

The only question is, will Connie mess up so bad that she may get reassigned or the depression kitty may get another shot at Jessi? If not come for Nick?

Nick Being Called Out As A Ineffective Ally

Lean berating Nick on not being a good ally.
Leah: Because your dumbass, misogynist friends might listen to you.

Some men think just showing up, but not saying a damn thing, allows them to be an ally. However, allyship is far more complicated and isn’t a one size fits all title. What Jessi needed from Nick was someone to back her up, specifically a guy. Yet, other times, what she may need is for him just to be there, be willing to have a tough conversation, apologize, or just let her get the last word.

What we’re given is a showing of how complicated it can be for men, but simple if the question: How can I help? Is asked, alongside just using your common sense.

Showing How Girls Pay For Boys Crimes

It’s sad but true, most punishments which are supposed to be universal likely hurt girls the most. Dress codes? Well, between uniforms not made for winter, or grown men now analyzing you worse than the boys, things don’t get better. And this is just the beginning. Considering Andrew nearly slipped into a pro-man, nazi incel group, we may see more of how women are held accountable for the refusal of holding men accountable for their actions.

Evil Missy

Considering how Jessi rebelled in the first two seasons, it should be interesting to see how Missy handles the troughs of puberty. Heck, maybe Connie may come back around and guide Missy? If not us getting a whole new hormone monster since Missy seemingly is a late bloomer. Well, if we are to consider her newfound abilities to stand up for herself related to her hormones and not simply her getting sick and tired of being the example used for someone plain, unattractive, and pedestrian.

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Evil Missy - 80%
Showing How Girls Pay For Boys Crimes - 85%
Nick Being Called Out As A Ineffective Ally - 90%
Connie Trying To Be The Hormone Monster For Jessi and Nick - 89%
Jay’s Struggle With His Bi-sexuality - 84%


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