Big Mouth: Season 3, Episode 1 “My Furry Valentine” [Season Premiere] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

My Furry Valentine not only gives Matt a storyline but introduces us to how complicated Nick and Connie will be as a pair.

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Big Mouth Season 3, Episode 0 My Furry Valentine - Title Card

My Furry Valentine not only gives Matt a storyline but introduces us to how complicated Nick and Connie will be as a pair.

Director(s) Kim Arndt, Bob Suarez
Writer(s) Emily Altman, Victor Quinaz, Jaboukie Young-White, Gil Ozeri
Air Date 2/8/2019

Something Had To Give: Lars, Andrew, Missy, Jay, Brad, Suzette, Coach Steve

Andrew is losing his mind. He’s horny, lonely, and Valentine’s Day is coming up, so he tries to push Missy to make a move. The problem with that idea is that he comes on strong and aggressive, to the point that, when Lars takes up too much of Missy’s time, he pushes him out of his chair. Leading to whatever feelings Missy did have? Well, they’re gone now.

But, it seems like moving on from the past might be best for everyone. Take Jay, for example. After having sex with a couch cushion and pillow to avoid the lack of intimacy in his human relationships, it seems he may take a break from this method of coping. In fact, Coach Steve too, in a non-sexual way, may also stop imprinting on inanimate objects.

Making The Best Of A Situation: Jessi, Matt, Aiden, Shannon

Matt discovering he isn't the only gay boy in town and getting Aiden's Instagram

At this point, maybe thanks to the therapy, Jessi has learned to accept her mom is in love with a woman, who orgasms too loud. But, at least she has someone, right? That is, unlike Jessi and Matt who are single, by choice and circumstance. Well, in Matt’s case, single for now. While at the local CVS, looking at a Michael Shannon V-Day car, he comes across Aiden, another gay guy. Leading to the possibility that when season 3 actually launches, Matt may become more than the sassy gay guy but an exploration of a gay teen’s, male teen anyway, puberty and firsts.

Which likely means ladies, gentlemen, and those who don’t like labels, a lot of butt sex jokes.

A Story About A Boy and A Hormone Monstress: Connie, Nick

Connie establishes that men having hormone monstresses isn’t unheard of. However, Nick will be Connie’s first boy and the sensitivity of his nipples, and emotions in general, show this. But, like with Jessi, there is a reason to worry that with Connie as Nick’s hormone monster, he may take things too far. Luckily for Elliot and Diane, after Judd and Leah, Nick’s attitude they can just hunch off.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, while Maury noted Jay was doing okay without him, is he now going to be the kid’s hormone monster and help him deal with his feelings? If not a new hormone monster?


Matt Got A Storyline

Maury, during a "When Harry Met Sally" moment, noting Matt is his favorite kid.

Considering how much praise the show has for it’s funny, yet sometimes poignant, conversation about puberty and teen sexuality, Matt being left out has always been odd. After all, he is the only gay character, and while there are loads of examples of teens having sex, and the difficulties of puberty, there isn’t as much for gay kids. Well, at least without coming out coinciding with a lot of trauma, someone who is using them for sex, and said person possibly being a bit too old for them. So, with the introduction of Aiden, it seems Matt may finally get to be front and center. I mean, we even see Maury hanging out with him!

How Nick and Connie Will Be As A Pair

When Connie came out of the closet, there was a need to question what that would mean for Nick. We’ve seen this show mostly stick to male to Maury and female to Connie, so questions popped up. Most of which got answered as it became clear that, as much as we’ll see Nick rage, having Connie as his hormone monstress more than likely will lead him down a path to becoming, and understanding, his dad. Who, hopefully, we may learn more about. For there seems to be a story there about how Elliot became the guy he did, and it needs to be told.

Jay Is Moving Forward

Jay telling a pillow that he is on a break from sex.

Jay has long been a character whose pain was used for laughs. Similar to Coach Steve, you were pushed to laugh at his pain, despite it not really being all that funny. But, with Jay no longer using Brad and Suzette to cope, it means he will reach a new stage in life. As for what that stage holds, that’s hard to say. Though, with Jessi and him having history, and her in therapy, maybe she could be a friend who guides him to a certain level of maturity and understanding.

Are We Addressing Toxic Masculinity?

With seeing Andrew rage, and Connie calling out what was going on, it should be interesting to see how Big Mouth will take on how certain negative character traits are developed.

On The Fence

Therapy Is Doing Jessi Well

While we don’t see Jessi in a single session, and it isn’t referred to, considering her being happy for Shannon, and saying it out loud, that’s growth.

So What’s Next For Coach Steve?

Fired from the school, now working a CVS, we’re not really told what is next for Coach Steve. He is part of Jay’s realization that neither should use inanimate objects for love anymore, but will Coach Steve follow through?

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