Big Mouth: Season 2/ Episode 9 “Smooch or Share” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As many characters face the truth, accept it as well, it loosens the power the monsters and wizard have over them. Perhaps making things worse. Network Netflix Director(s) Joel Moser Writer(s) Alex Rubens Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites,…

As many characters face the truth, accept it as well, it loosens the power the monsters and wizard have over them. Perhaps making things worse.

Director(s) Joel Moser
Writer(s) Alex Rubens
Air Date 10/5/2018

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I Have Something To Share With The Class: Missy, Andrew, Jay, Matthew, Nick

Between the personal shame of Missy and Andrew, alongside the shame caused by Nick opening his big mouth, the whole grade seems to be in turmoil. This bothers Nick, if only because they are a bunch of kids, with minimal supervision, yet are too stuck in their own heads to interact with each other now. So, he decides to create the game of Smooch or Share. The game is quite simple: You announce whether you’ll smooch or share, spin a bottle, and when it lands on a person, you either kiss them or they can ask a personal question.

For Nick, he chooses smooch and ends up giving Missy a respectful kiss. One which shouldn’t bother Andrew. However, when Andrew plays, he goes off the deep end. Reason being, after Missy embarrassed herself and dared called herself the biggest perv, he decided to prove her wrong. How? Well, by recounting when he came in his pants when they were dancing.

Telling the truth earlier that night made Andrew feel good, in a non-sexual way, so he decides to tell Nick how he masturbated to Leah’s bathing suit. Causing a temporary rift but with the only alternative for friendship being Jay, for Andrew, reconciling with Nick happens in a snap.

Speaking of Jay, he kisses Matthew when he spins and it seems Matthew likes it. Maybe Jay too.


Andrew refuting Missy's claims she is the biggest perv in the world.
Andrew: You can’t be the biggest perv in the world.

With Andrew and Missy connecting over their sexual desires, does this mean they could get back together? Where is Connie to start another negotiation when you need her? I swear, it’s like she decides to claim some of these kids just so that she can’t get assigned one which is a pain in her behind. Yet, when they need her the most, she pays them little to no attention.

But props to Jay since Maury thinks he is his own hormone monster. Though, with that being said, it also seems like an out so he doesn’t have to get assigned one.

Trying To Make Things Right: Jessie, Connie, Gina

When it comes to Connie, Jessie is at the end of her rope. While, at first, having a hormone monstress was nice, Connie is a seriously bad influence and has left Jessie to forget herself. She isn’t that much of a feminist anymore, has left a lot of her former hobbies in the dust, and she has Jessie acting like an ass****. So, with Jessie trying to apologize to Gina not going well since Lola and Connie kept getting involved, Jessie starts to believe she needs some time away from Connie. Not for me time like Missy was getting with Mr. Wiggles, but me time to rediscover who she is after all she has done.


Jessie dismissing Connie because she needs a break.
Jessie: I don’t like who I am when I’m with you.

Here is hoping with Connie being dismissed by Jessie, it could mean her paying attention to all these other girls who need a hormone monster. But, with her realizing that chaos and bad behavior isn’t the sole thing these girls need in their life. Leading me to wonder, Maury has pretty much given us a gauge on his experience by noting celebrities who he has been a hormone monster for. How long has Connie been in the game? Despite her horns, could she perhaps be fairly new? Maybe this was a career change for her and maybe having one bad girl for a kid, and enjoying how terrible they were, led her down this path?

No Shame: Shame Wizard, Steve, Andrew, Gina, Lola, Jessie, Connie

While the kids play a spin the bottle rip off, Lola and Gina decide to blame crappy guys for their problems, not their urges, and Jessie and Connie breakup, the Shame Wizard is with Steve. Why? Well, because he was trying to make Steve feel shame but that seemingly isn’t possible. For no matter how he tries, Steve just doesn’t get it.

But, with Steve calling the Shame Wizard his friend, as he does everyone, it leads the Shame Wizard to open up. He talks about his horrible relationship with his parents, people in general really, and his need for order based on his mother’s treatment of him. Which leads to him admitting to abandonment issues and no sooner than he comes to that realization, he learns the kids are organizing against him. Andrew as one of the ringleaders and they denounce him. Leading to the Shame Wizard deciding to leave and all hell breaking loose promptly thereafter


Maury announcing the shame wizard is gone and so are feelings of shame.
Maury: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a world without shame, baby.

I find it amazing that Shame Wizards and Hormone Monsters can be dismissed like that. Especially the Shame Wizard since he held a tight grip on everyone and you’d think his need for order would trump him being liked. But, I guess Steve accidentally found a crack in the Shame Wizards armor and that hole Andrew and co. pulled apart.

Question is though, with the world becoming shameless, does that mean the Shame Wizard we met is the only one in existence? Why do a handful of people get unique hormone monsters but there is one Shame Wizard? Is there a shortage of otherworldly beings or was this just a budget thing? For the show I mean.


  1. Gina and Lola agreeing that there was nothing wrong for seeking out pleasure, the only problem was the jerk who tainted the moment.
  2. Jessie getting rid of Connie to become herself once more.
  3. Matthew and Jay making out which could mean Matthew may have a boyfriend? If not, at the very least, could get some Hormone Monster attention.

On The Fence

  1. The small amount of otherworldly beings make sense. Especially considering how many of them bicker and fight, as well as the magic they bring to the show. However, sometimes it seems like they have way too much on their plate and we could use a few more of their kind.

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