The Shame Wizard goes into overtime and it seems Connie, Tyler, and Maury aren’t willing or able to do a thing about it. Network Netflix Director(s) Bryan Francis Writer(s) Kelly Galuska Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may…

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The Shame Wizard goes into overtime and it seems Connie, Tyler, and Maury aren’t willing or able to do a thing about it.

Director(s) Bryan Francis
Writer(s) Kelly Galuska
Air Date 10/5/2018

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A Worm Dance: Mr. Wiggles, Missy, Shame Wizard

Mr. Wiggles relaxing after being used by Missy.
Mr. Wiggles: That was one heck of a worm dance.

Since she was a child, Missy has had a favorite toy. One she would snuggle up with and dry hump. However, during a sleepover to see the lunar eclipse at school, she brings this pillow and is caught dry humping it. Leading to her, once again, becoming a victim of the Shame Wizard.

Slut Shaming: Jessie, Gina, Nick, Tyler, Connie, Devin, Shame Wizard

Thanks to Connie, Nick is allowed to go to second base with Gina. However, with telling his friends, specifically Jessie, word spreads what Gina did. Which is a huge problem for her being more developed than other girls, and overhearing Nick and his friends, already made her self-conscious. So Jessie, in a moment of jealousy, revealing to Devin what Nick was allowed to do, it spreads like wildfire.

Leading to Gina eventually fighting Devin and Nick’s hopes of going further dashed. All the while, the Shame Wizard pits everyone against each other. He calls Jessie out for betraying another woman, Nick for blabbing about what he did, and there are very few characters he doesn’t get to. Making it seem he may just be unstoppable.


Devin slut shaming Gina.
Devin: I said you’re a slut.

Are Connie and Maury powerless against this guy? He has the ability to work with them or against them and now is at the level where it seems he has no need to help balance these kids out. It seems he wants to stop things just as they were getting good for everyone. I mean, he even got to Nick and the Shame Wizard once made it seem he was untouchable. So this should be a huge red flag for all the hormone monsters, right?

Then again, do hormone monsters care if their kid ends up a late bloomer like Steve? They don’t really talk much about how they feel about their jobs, they just do it. Plus, with Maury talking about being with Bret Michaels all the way up to his show Rock of Love, does that mean sex isn’t the end game for hormone monsters? Do they just stick around until they feel like they aren’t needed and then fly off like Mary Poppins?

Theories about the hormone monsters aside, there is a need to question Connie real quick. How are you going to assumingly be Gina’s hormone monster, based off her making sure Gina enjoys making out with Nick, then talk trash about her with Jessie? You are part of the reason she has breasts and considering the way you were talking with Jessie about getting a bra, you’d think she would have been empowering her.

But, as shown by there being an increased focus on questioning how the hormone monster thing works, I don’t think they are supposed to make that much sense. They might just exist for gags and thinking too hard about them is perhaps a waste. For as deep as this show can get on a subject, let’s not forget it is a comedy. The emotional moments are just to show it isn’t heartless and isn’t taking for granted these kids mirror many people’s story. Not just the creators and writers.

Poor Matthew: Matthew, Shame Wizard, Jay, Steve

Perhaps we spoke too soon. It seems Matthew is trying to be a better person, but with everyone already having a negative perception of him, it is hard to break the cycle. Heck, just making a friend is hard for Matthew seemingly didn’t make the effort before. Yet, even Jay, who is always desperate for a friend, especially after Steve reveals he is having sex with Jay’s mom, rejects him.

Why? Well, the Shame Wizard. As made clear, Jay is homophobic so just Matthew approaching him is enough for the Shame Wizard to plant the seed it is because he thinks Jay is gay. Thus leaving Matthew shunned and a bit depressed. Hopefully not to the point of suicide.


The Shame Wizard digging his claws into Matthew's psyche.
Shadow Wizard: See? Even this stray dog doesn’t want your scraps of friendship.

I seriously expect a depression goblin or an anxiety hermit to come about at this point. The Shame Wizard seriously can’t be a catch all for all these kids are feeling right now. Especially since he is taking things to a point where he is doing more than taking people down a notch. Between embarrassing Missy, aiding in the slut-shaming of Gina, making Jessie feel horrible, and so much more, he is pushing these kids to the edge. To a place which their hormone monsters seem unable to help, so surely between other emotions or some type of being which represents forgiveness, we’re going to get one or the other right?


  1. Though I hate the way he made each character feel, I cannot say I wasn’t laughing at how the Shame Wizard pit everyone against each other.
  2. Considering how often Andrew masturbated in season one, even though it led to her being publicly embarrassed, yay to the show for keeping things equal. Girls masturbate just like guys, just with different stimuli.

On The Fence

  1. I enjoy the Shame Wizard, yet I feel he is getting to the point where he is going to seriously leave someone scarred. Matthew especially who I love seeing get focus, but why must it be this way?

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