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Matthew finally gets recognize for more than his sass and with as Nick finally gets a new hormone monster!

Director(s) Bob Suarez
Writer(s) Joe Wengert
Air Date 10/5/2018

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Welcome to Guy Town: Andrew, Guy, Lola, Shame Wizard, Maury, Greg, Steve

With Greg being kicked out, and not really having much in the way of income, he ends up in Guy’s motel known as “Guy Town.” A place which offers some solace to Andrew as it feels like rock bottom for Greg. If only because Lola has pretty much put a hit on his name and the only one who seems to support what he did to her is Guy. You know, whose commercials we have heard about all season but have yet to see one. The guy who is Jay’s dad who likely doesn’t know Steve is screwing his wife and probably doesn’t care. That guy.

What Guy does for Andrew is enable his behavior by calling him a pimp. Which of course Maury goes with for while he and the Shame Wizard aren’t enemies as they once were, this Lola thing is no longer beneficial to him. It’s actually threatening what he needs out of Andrew to finish the job. Luckily, as Andrew recounts what he did, he realizes he did a pretty s**** thing. Leading to him offering an apology.

Same goes for Greg. With realizing how bad he screwed up, he apologizes. It doesn’t mean he gets back in the house but it shows that he knows what he did and takes it seriously. So, taking note he doesn’t want his daughter near Guy Town, and he doesn’t like it either, he takes Steve up on becoming his roommate.


Lola protesting Andrew's treatment of her.

Can Andrew recover his reputation after this Lola situation? Even Missy was disappointed in him and that was his boo for a little bit of last season. But, perhaps the more interesting thing is how the Shame Wizard and Maury are getting along. After making it seem the Shame Wizard would dominate and leave Maury limp, now it seems they work together. So did Maury cut a deal for himself, maybe Andrew, and that is why there is peace or has the Shame Wizard simply not cross a line to make Maury feel like he can’t do his job?

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You: Elliot, Gina, Tyler, Nick, Marty, Guy, Maury

Nick finally has a new hormone monster! The problem is, they are new to the job and kind of useless. Though, in Tyler’s defense, Maury is a veteran and he isn’t always that helpful either. He’s like Connie but more into pleasure than crime, violence, and other people’s tears. But, someone is better than no one, and this is especially true for Nick since this Gina situation is really freaking him out. She’s single but is she even remotely into him?

This question lingers and so he asks his dad, Guy, and Marty what to do and each give a different answer. None of which, originally, gives Nick the result he wants. His frustration leads him to look down on Elliot since, well, Elliot is a bit of a weirdo. Effeminate even. Yet, like last season, when Nick wasn’t being appreciative of his mom, Nick gets checked for his attitude – by Marty of all people. Who may now like some of Elliot’s ways, but he does applaud him for being completely himself. Leading to Elliot delivering the advice Nick truly need.

What was it? Well, rather than make a big deal out of asking Gina out, just take her somewhere you like. So, they go go-karting and she kisses him. Now, whether something may come out of that kiss? We’ll find out.


Nick calling his dad a pussy.
Nick: Why can’t you be more of a man and not such a pussy?

With us seeing how Shannon and Greg got together, anyone else wanna see how Elliot and Diane fell in love? I’m assuming that Woody Allen inspired story, from the Planned Parenthood episode, wasn’t their lives. So what’s the truth?

Also, Tyler is going to be a hot mess. One which will definitely lead to some funny and awkward moments, but hopefully also some insight into where hormone monsters come from. We learn from him that basically everything is learned on the job and you got to earn your horn. Which, so it seems, comes from your kid getting their first kiss maybe? It’s hard to say.

But with Tyler showing up in Nick’s closet comes the question of what does really happen behind the scenes? Who assigns hormone monsters and decides whether a being can become one? Is there an option to evolve into a shame wizard as well? I know the show isn’t about them but they play a rather integral role so it’s hard to not desire further details.

The Ghost of Guy Town Future: Matthew

While Maury still avoids Matthew, or rather Matthew doesn’t get his own hormone monster, he does have to deal with an older gay man calling him out. Pretty much, the gist of the criticism the character got for being the sassy gay character, that is brought up. Leading to the question of why can’t he be nicer and that being taken to heart. It isn’t clear if Matthew may change but it seems he wants to. It’s just he knows people don’t care about a gay kid unless they are sassy.


Big Mouth showing it is aware how one dimensional Matthew is.
? (Harvey Feinstein): Ah! You must be the catty little gay character.

Let’s add Matthew to the group of characters who are used for jokes, while the show addresses they could very well do more with them. It’s just, for whatever reason, it doesn’t. I don’t know if it is because they have to release a new batch of episodes by a certain time or maybe they want to find some gay people to write their experience? I truly am unsure what is keeping Matthew from having his own journey which, as said last season, would likely be one of the few that doesn’t feature serious trauma.

Granted, Matthew mentions bullying, among other things, but as for where his life is now? He’s basically the bully and, like Missy with Connie, it has been established that Matthew is due for a hormone monster. So where are they or, if it is Maury, who doesn’t necessarily have hang-ups over sexual preference, why is he not helping this kid get laid? Maybe get a butt grab or something? Push him to go to the city to a gay club?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What will come of this Gina and Nick kiss? Was that just something friendly or was it something romantic? Also, considering she said she couldn’t be friends with someone who was friends with Andrew, will Nick choose Gina over him?


  1. Andrew coming to terms with who he is a bit more. Recognizing that shame perhaps doesn’t always need to be a bad thing but a guide to know right from wrong. Especially when it comes to using people like an object.
  2. Elliot being defended by Marty, of all people, and being uplifted for being this weird, sometimes effeminate, man who loves indiscriminately.

Low Points

  1. You knowing no development for Matthew will come after this episode. Even with the show calling itself out.

On The Fence

  1. Greg’s storyline doesn’t seem worth investing too much interest into.


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